Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back Yard sprucing

I have really been trying to fix things up around the patio area, without spending any money.  Last week I did buy a couple of ferns because I got the great idea that my bird baths that were buried under ivy would look much better on the patio. 

I planted the monkey grass that is green and white along this edge of the patio but it has yet to take off. 

See what I mean this area really needs some help. 

I had these little fence pieces that I pulled out from my sidewalk area. All of my plants were over powering them on the sidewalk anyway. 

So this is where the little fence pieces were, see what I mean about the plants hanging over.

I got out the spray paint and painted them white. I think they will look good when the variegated grass grows in.

I think they turned out cute and look so much better in the white. 

I put the other fern in this old chair on the porch and I love the way that it looks. 

I hung my humming bird feeder in the cedar tree next to the porch and we really enjoy seeing the sweet little humming birds coming up to drink the nectar. 

I have a few cute little planters out of just some old pottery. I also like old salvaged pieces in the garden, like the one below. 

I planted a few succulents into some old cinder blocks that we had laying around and they are doing quite well. 

This one is so pretty. I have never had these before but I really like them. I love to get my hands dirty but the Va. heat keeps me inside in the middle of the day. I like to get out in the yard early in the morning and late in the evening. This last shot was taken when the sun was going down. 


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  1. I Googled paper wreaths when your beautiful sheet music wreath came up. I love it. Well, that is how I found your delightfully creative blog, and how I became your newest follower. I too, love taking old discarded items and giving them new life. I am an out of the closet junker and since coming out I have met so many wonderful and talented junkers. I do hope that you visit and decide to follow me back. I'm looking very forward to following your artful journey. Have a sweet weekend, Connie :)


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