Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Read the signs

I have been paying too much attention to signs lately, I find them very humerus. While we were in Florida I took a few pictures.

This one was cute but I could not seem to get the Bahamas 
to come into close range with this machine no matter how hard I tried. 

I don't think I would hire this guy to build a storage building for me.

This one really did not have to tell me about any of this. 
I would not engage in such things for my own health.

I am really glad that they explained this one.

People in this park were walking through tall grass where there were paths
 that you could tell LARGE reptiles had wandered or slept. Uh!!! Hello do you realize 
what made that path? Have I mentioned that I don't like Alligators,
 bears, spiders, large cats. Oh and snakes.

Can't read this one to save my life but I thought it was cute. 


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