Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pot Holder By Alison

I bought this pot holder loom for Alison quite a while ago.
Her fingers are really short and I was unsure if she would be able to do it. 
She just loved picking out all the colored loops to make her very first pot holder.

I showed her how to put the loops across to the other side. 

She caught on quick and did the first set with no problems.

Some of the loops would not stretch across so we separated those out of the pile 
so she would not get frustrated.

The weaving concept was too much for her, the over and under was just not
 getting through to her. I let her pick out the colors as I would weave them in and 
out and she would push them up so they would look straight after they were
 woven in. I had to do the tie off loops on the sides as well.

Here is the finished pot holder, she sent it to her sister since we had a
 little package we were sending. I think it turned out so pretty we hope Holly likes it. 

Here is Alison's second pot holder, she brought it to me and
 asked if I could help her tie it off the loom. I don't think she is getting the
 concept of weaving yet but that was a really good try Alison.


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