Friday, April 20, 2012

Painting the Pantry

First I removed everything from the pantry, I can't believe I started to do this today. 

This is where I keep most of the food, I have not organized with pretty containers 
yet but I knew I had to start with cleaning and painting.

The walls were a cream color and so were the shelves but they were very worn. I found some grey oops paint at the store for $3.00 so other than that it was just going to involve some elbow grease. 

I started by priming just the wood surfaces in the whole closet.

This is the primer that I always use  Zinsser in the water base formula. I did not sand because this is already a painted surface but I did wash the wood and then applied the primer. Primer really makes the paint stick to what ever you want to cover. 

 I need to do something about the door knob area as well. I took off the
 knob and primed the worn area.

While I was waiting for the primer on the wood shelves to dry I went ahead and painted the walls in the top area of the closet/pantry. It is a large area that goes up inside the pantry.

 Wow the closet is done and it looks so clean and neat. The white really pops against the grey.

Alison was upset because the Pantry was empty, she didn't understand why I would take all the food out. She kept saying to me "PUT IT BACK"

I didn't really have time to do the lace treatment like the last little pantry, but I am going to organize this like I did the other one. Here you can see what I did on the wall in the little pantry.

It is a slow process for me with everything that I am working on.

 I found a plate and painted it to fit behind the knob, I think it looks a lot better than all that wear and tear on the door.

Alison is happy that everything is back in it's place.

 I did do some caulking around some of the seams of the wood. I hate it when I get it all painted and see this large black space along the nice painted shelf. I am happy this is done and want to get on with the next project. Hope all of your spring projects are going as well as mine are.


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