Friday, April 13, 2012

New light in the Kitchen

I told my husband that I had a light that we could use over the table.
 He commented about it being dark since we moved the lamp
  off the table ( dog chewed the cord).

I had no glass globes for the light but I did have three off white shades
 that I could use. I cut the little round wire at the top of the 
shade, I spread the wire so that I could fit the bulb through to screw it in.

See how the area where the table sits is so dark.  We have pots lights that are 
specific to other areas of the kitchen, but this area always seemed dark.

I made a cord cover a few weeks ago, and I knew 
that it would work on this light.

I like the cottage feel that this light has. It looks cute with all the detail on the arms of it.

Zach helped me put the long cord on the light, I don't do the electrical on anything. 

Look how nice this is over the table it really lights it up beautifully.
This project was long over due. I love how it looks.


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