Monday, April 9, 2012

Fooling around with thrift finds

 I found this circular silver casserole holder at a thrift shop. It was just too pretty to pass up. I see these in thrift shops all the time and think too bad the dish that goes with it is missing. They are really very inexpensive and very pretty. I knew that I could find something to do with it. I got out a few of my  pans and played around with them.

This pan seemed to fit perfectly and I really like how it looked with the ruffle edge.

I used it in the kitchen with fruit in it, it looks so pretty with all the rose detail on it. I love the ruffle edge and I love the old silvery metal.

I baked a cake this week and my cake plate fit perfectly in the top of the pan. Then I decided I had a lot of items that I could use in the same way. I need to play with these things and see what else I can come up with. I pulled out a few things and they looked so cute.

Here is the ruffle pan on top of a candle holder facing up.

This one I just turned the ruffle pan upside down on top of a candle holder for a whole new look.

Here are two ruffle pans one up and one upside down on top of the candle holder. So cute.

This one is actually a ceiling light glass with the ruffle pan on top and the candle holder below

It is really cute too, the possibilities are endless. 

I liked this one because there is a ledge that you could put cookies on or flowers around. I am going to use this idea for my next party. I love the old silver patina of these old pans. I find that the more wear and tear the better for me.


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  1. Well, Cindy-it looks like you had a LOT of fun playing around with your finds! I guess it's a lot bigger in person than it looks in the pics. I thought it was a cupcake, not a cake. The last one is cute.. you need to thrift a different plate.
    thanks for sharing @ catch as catch can


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