Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Family letters for the Family Room

Saw these letters at Hobby Lobby, I really wanted WASH or LAUNDRY but they didn't have enough to spell those. I decided on FAMILY for the family room. I got them on sale for less than 1.50 each so this project was not expensive. It will be pretty large, the outside measurements of the final piece is
 30 x 10.

 I wanted them to look industrial, so I painted them silver. I like this Plaid silver because it did not look really sparkly but at the same time it looks like metal and that was the look that I was going for.

Here they are all silver, I like them already but I want them to look a little oxidized.

Then I rubbed some silver rub and buff on them. A little of this goes a long way and I think it really adds that real metal look. I did it along the edges and randomly to look like a worn patina of the metal I was trying to imitate.

The last and  final step was clear glossy spray. I want to put them into a frame or something so they are easy to hang. I do have a family portrait shelf in my family room, they might just live there until I find the perfect frame. I like how they turned out.


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