Monday, April 23, 2012

Condensing the Pantry

I gathered a few containers to see what I could do about condensing the pantry.

Like this macaroni, I had two open boxes and a small jar in the 
same cupboard. So I put all three into this larger container that I had.

This container is not working for the sauce and gravy mixes anymore
 so I chose to store them in an old canister that I already had.

This is much cuter than the tupperware I think.

I cook with nuts a lot and keep them in the pantry for 
whenever I need a few in a recipe. 

I figured I could put them all into an easy access container 
and get rid of  these lovely zip lock bags.

I got these containers at Wal Mart and they are really not very expensive.

These are some jars that I already had.  I will make some labels but for 
now I am ok with them like this.

Here is the before of the cupboard.

Here is the after. I had 3 containers of the Hershey's Cocoa so
 I just removed one of the labels and taped it on for now.

The paper plates found a home in a cute basket. They are so easy to grab
 a few when we need them. 

The candy containers are spaghetti sauce jars and I just rub 
and buffed the lids with silver rub and buff.
I think the cupboards look a lot better and I know the multiple boxes 
of things really gave me a lot more room. This was well worth the time that it took to complete, It did not cost me anything since I had all of the containers on hand, I am really glad that it is done.


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