Monday, April 23, 2012

Condensing the Pantry

I gathered a few containers to see what I could do about condensing the pantry.

Like this macaroni, I had two open boxes and a small jar in the 
same cupboard. So I put all three into this larger container that I had.

This container is not working for the sauce and gravy mixes anymore
 so I chose to store them in an old canister that I already had.

This is much cuter than the tupperware I think.

I cook with nuts a lot and keep them in the pantry for 
whenever I need a few in a recipe. 

I figured I could put them all into an easy access container 
and get rid of  these lovely zip lock bags.

I got these containers at Wal Mart and they are really not very expensive.

These are some jars that I already had.  I will make some labels but for 
now I am ok with them like this.

Here is the before of the cupboard.

Here is the after. I had 3 containers of the Hershey's Cocoa so
 I just removed one of the labels and taped it on for now.

The paper plates found a home in a cute basket. They are so easy to grab
 a few when we need them. 

The candy containers are spaghetti sauce jars and I just rub 
and buffed the lids with silver rub and buff.
I think the cupboards look a lot better and I know the multiple boxes 
of things really gave me a lot more room. This was well worth the time that it took to complete, It did not cost me anything since I had all of the containers on hand, I am really glad that it is done.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Painting the Pantry

First I removed everything from the pantry, I can't believe I started to do this today. 

This is where I keep most of the food, I have not organized with pretty containers 
yet but I knew I had to start with cleaning and painting.

The walls were a cream color and so were the shelves but they were very worn. I found some grey oops paint at the store for $3.00 so other than that it was just going to involve some elbow grease. 

I started by priming just the wood surfaces in the whole closet.

This is the primer that I always use  Zinsser in the water base formula. I did not sand because this is already a painted surface but I did wash the wood and then applied the primer. Primer really makes the paint stick to what ever you want to cover. 

 I need to do something about the door knob area as well. I took off the
 knob and primed the worn area.

While I was waiting for the primer on the wood shelves to dry I went ahead and painted the walls in the top area of the closet/pantry. It is a large area that goes up inside the pantry.

 Wow the closet is done and it looks so clean and neat. The white really pops against the grey.

Alison was upset because the Pantry was empty, she didn't understand why I would take all the food out. She kept saying to me "PUT IT BACK"

I didn't really have time to do the lace treatment like the last little pantry, but I am going to organize this like I did the other one. Here you can see what I did on the wall in the little pantry.

It is a slow process for me with everything that I am working on.

 I found a plate and painted it to fit behind the knob, I think it looks a lot better than all that wear and tear on the door.

Alison is happy that everything is back in it's place.

 I did do some caulking around some of the seams of the wood. I hate it when I get it all painted and see this large black space along the nice painted shelf. I am happy this is done and want to get on with the next project. Hope all of your spring projects are going as well as mine are.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pot Holder By Alison

I bought this pot holder loom for Alison quite a while ago.
Her fingers are really short and I was unsure if she would be able to do it. 
She just loved picking out all the colored loops to make her very first pot holder.

I showed her how to put the loops across to the other side. 

She caught on quick and did the first set with no problems.

Some of the loops would not stretch across so we separated those out of the pile 
so she would not get frustrated.

The weaving concept was too much for her, the over and under was just not
 getting through to her. I let her pick out the colors as I would weave them in and 
out and she would push them up so they would look straight after they were
 woven in. I had to do the tie off loops on the sides as well.

Here is the finished pot holder, she sent it to her sister since we had a
 little package we were sending. I think it turned out so pretty we hope Holly likes it. 

Here is Alison's second pot holder, she brought it to me and
 asked if I could help her tie it off the loom. I don't think she is getting the
 concept of weaving yet but that was a really good try Alison.


Friday, April 13, 2012

New light in the Kitchen

I told my husband that I had a light that we could use over the table.
 He commented about it being dark since we moved the lamp
  off the table ( dog chewed the cord).

I had no glass globes for the light but I did have three off white shades
 that I could use. I cut the little round wire at the top of the 
shade, I spread the wire so that I could fit the bulb through to screw it in.

See how the area where the table sits is so dark.  We have pots lights that are 
specific to other areas of the kitchen, but this area always seemed dark.

I made a cord cover a few weeks ago, and I knew 
that it would work on this light.

I like the cottage feel that this light has. It looks cute with all the detail on the arms of it.

Zach helped me put the long cord on the light, I don't do the electrical on anything. 

Look how nice this is over the table it really lights it up beautifully.
This project was long over due. I love how it looks.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Read the signs

I have been paying too much attention to signs lately, I find them very humerus. While we were in Florida I took a few pictures.

This one was cute but I could not seem to get the Bahamas 
to come into close range with this machine no matter how hard I tried. 

I don't think I would hire this guy to build a storage building for me.

This one really did not have to tell me about any of this. 
I would not engage in such things for my own health.

I am really glad that they explained this one.

People in this park were walking through tall grass where there were paths
 that you could tell LARGE reptiles had wandered or slept. Uh!!! Hello do you realize 
what made that path? Have I mentioned that I don't like Alligators,
 bears, spiders, large cats. Oh and snakes.

Can't read this one to save my life but I thought it was cute. 


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Family letters for the Family Room

Saw these letters at Hobby Lobby, I really wanted WASH or LAUNDRY but they didn't have enough to spell those. I decided on FAMILY for the family room. I got them on sale for less than 1.50 each so this project was not expensive. It will be pretty large, the outside measurements of the final piece is
 30 x 10.

 I wanted them to look industrial, so I painted them silver. I like this Plaid silver because it did not look really sparkly but at the same time it looks like metal and that was the look that I was going for.

Here they are all silver, I like them already but I want them to look a little oxidized.

Then I rubbed some silver rub and buff on them. A little of this goes a long way and I think it really adds that real metal look. I did it along the edges and randomly to look like a worn patina of the metal I was trying to imitate.

The last and  final step was clear glossy spray. I want to put them into a frame or something so they are easy to hang. I do have a family portrait shelf in my family room, they might just live there until I find the perfect frame. I like how they turned out.