Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lazy Winter

I have to admit I have been very lazy this winter. We have had a very mild winter with only a few light snow falls that have melted the same day.

Snow is very pretty and I love it but I can't stand to be cold. I guess I am showing my age. I did get out and get some pretty pictures on one occasion.

I have tried over and over this winter to start some projects, but just can't seem to wrap my heart around anything. I want to create and decorate but I am always afraid of the reaction from other people in the house. So I decided to do this one day at a time, one small project at a time, that should not be too overwhelming. I decided today I would ask my husband to hang a chandelier that I painted in the laundry room. It did not meet with a wonderful reaction, I told him it is my laundry room and that is the light that I want hung in there. He said he would do it, so now I know why I put this off for so long. 

I am going to work on a curtain for the bathroom. I have one of the ugliest bathrooms and we have been wanting to remodel for years. So if you are going to remodel then why decorate. I don't like mini blinds and don't know how I have put up with it this long. Years ago, I did rip down the 70's shiny bamboo wall paper and painted it an aqua to go with the gold toilet, gold tile, gold shower Ugh! Like I said, we really want to put in a new bathroom.

Well I have a soft linen table cloth that I died to match the color in the painting of the little girl climbing into the tub. It turned out well, I cut it into strips that I am going to ruffle and sew to a piece of muslin. I need to make it 35 inches wide and 40 inches long. It should at least dress up the toilet alcove a little and make me feel a whole lot better.

One day at a time, should be a whole lot easier and I will feel like I am at least trying to accomplish something in my home. I know that this will pick up and I will be back to doing and making things, I guess I have just been in a slump.

Spent a long time making ruffles, I love the raw edges but there are people who don't so I decided to hem the edges and make them so they would not fray.  I measured and plotted out how to sew them onto the muslin panel and I think I have enough to finish the curtain. I will have to pin them on because I am not very good with straight lines.  So here I am at a stand still. My machine broke and I have 4 broken needles to show for it.



  1. I love this print of the little girl in the tub. I have it on a tile from my grandmother, but it's cracked. I'm desperately trying to figure out the artist Can you provide any help? thank you so much!

  2. The little girl in the painting looks just exactly like my daughter when she was little I wonder who the artist was andoing who the little girl was. Any info?


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