Thursday, January 12, 2012

Alison's Birthday

This week was Alison's birthday. She is my second daughter. Alison was quite an event on the day of her birth. I had Alison in the elevator at the hospital and then the doctors told me Alison had Down's Syndrome. She has been quite a handful and still amazes me with the things that she does.

She is very sweet and loves to celebrate any holiday or birthday. She lives for the next celebration. I care for Alison full time and cherish the days that I have with her. Alison knows what she wants,  for her birthday she wanted to go out for lunch, and do some shopping. Above  is a picture of Alison at the Roadhouse Restaurant, she loved the ribs and got to take some home for her pack lunch.

This is the cheesecake that Alison told us she wanted for her birthday. It was beautiful and very delicious. I had the raspberry truffle flavor, she of course picked the chocolate and her dad had the vanilla slice.

We decorated it with candles and it looked so pretty.

We lit the candles and sang her favorite song.

Here is the birthday girl blowing out her candles. We ate the cheesecake and watched her new Narnia movie. She looked at all of the gifts that she got, over and over again. Her sisters called and sang happy birthday to her over the phone, and so did grandma and grandpa. I think she had a great day. 

Happy 32 years Alison!!!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Brother In Law and his Talents

Many of you know from reading my blog that I like to make thinks from something else. Take that old item and make it new. Take that dirty junk and fix it into something that I can use. I love the thought, the design process and the final product. 

Meet Don, my brother in law, he thinks  a lot like I do.   I like to feature my family  on the blog whenever they inspire me. Don is one of my husbands 4 brothers. There are 8 kids in the family and they are all very talented in their own way. Don loves to remake and rethink his environment, he molds it into a new form in many ways. He is very ambitious and along with his lovely wife Julie, they have made a lovely home from what others would call  ruin. Don works harder than anyone I know to make that rag into something like silk. This picture of him is one of my favorites. Don's smile is one that just pulls you into his world.

If you drop in on Don you could find him just like this, he is up to his ears in whatever he is doing to make it right and get the job done. He has scrapped enough old piping in this warehouse in Cleveland to pay for some of the appliances and comforts of home. 

Here is a before and after of one area on the outside of the building. I have placed the before and after on the same door. These pictures will amaze you but in no way does anyone realize how much work went into this. Julie helps Don a lot,  I can see her touches all around.

This is an area just behind the building. They had to close in the perimeter of the yard and this pond fit into one corner perfectly. Most people would have torn down a wall like this. I was hoping they would keep it and they did, it turned out beautiful.

There is a chandelier over the tub in this room I love it. The window is behind the curtain in the after picture. Just a little bit of a different angle but the same great space. This warehouse is huge and it is hard to realize that from the pictures but I have only chosen my favorites from the project.

This is on the first floor of the warehouse and is currently being renovated into an apartment for Don and Julie's son Zach and his new bride Lauren.   

This is the front door of the building. I know this one is hard to believe but see the window at the top of the before picture, you can just see the edge of it. I think that is the same window above the door in the after picture.  Isn't this just unbelievable? Now this is the picture of my previouse description of turning a rag into silk.

Wonderful job Don and Julie