Monday, November 21, 2011

My Art Projects for Christmas

I am working on lots of projects right now. I am concentrating right now on Christmas. I am trying to make quite a few of my totally impractical but beautiful gifts. I decided to make things this year that no one would probably buy for themselves.

This is one of the images by Shabby Scraps that is inspiring one of my projects.

This is another inspiration picture. I got it from Pinterest and I don't know who made these but they are just beautiful. I guess I want to make something that would be a cross of all of the images that I have collected.

I want to make one of these for Alison, she loves tiaras and sure deserves to wear one in my opinion. Special kids put up with so much in their lives and I never hear her complain. She truly is Royalty in my eyes. I saw a crown in a shop window in Florida that even had a scepter. I went to the shop like 3 times, it was closed and had a number on the window, but it was disconnected.

I collected some bottles I don't know which ones I will use but some of these would work great.

I have my solder, flux, copper wire and my soldering gun.

Here are some of my supplies to start my crown for Alison, I think it will turn out great.

Here are just some of my supplies to do my magic. I will take pictures and let you see the afters. 
I cleaned all of the bottles and collected some of my bling. I am going to work on them in between packing to go to Ohio. 

This should be great fun, I am looking forward to the new experience. 


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  1. The picture from Pinterest with the metal bottle tops/caps are they original or are they crafted? I love them. Thanks and beautiful photos


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