Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marble in the Laundry

I wanted to do something this week to give myself a clean surface to fold clothes. I have been pondering what to do and didn't want to spend a whole lot of money yet for a counter top in the laundry room. I have not really decided what I really want. I have the fiber board cut to fit.

I used a primer after I sanded the fiber board to get most of the bumps off.

It actually looked really good after I primed it and the surface looks so much different. I decided to do a faux white marble since I am going to be adding the subway tile in white on the wall. 
I don't know how to do faux marble so I looked up a link on you tube that showed me how to do it. 

Lots of bumps I think I need to sand again and of course I will have to seal this with Polycrylic it does not yellow and is water based, so easy to clean up.

I plastered the edges to get rid of the fiber board look, I will have to sand it a few more times. I would like a really smooth edge so it looks like real marble. It is so nice to fold cloths now.


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  1. First time marbleing; Fabulous job! Isn't it wonderful to take the risk to create? Jo @ Let's Face the Music


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