Sunday, October 23, 2011

Man Cave Project 4 WEEKS gone from my life.

I have never done any kind of construction on a large scale. I guess you could call me the sub contractor for this little project. I talked to all the men who worked on this project several times a week. First we had the site work done.

Next came the crew to set the posts, so much for clean flat rock.

Next came the framing. It was very entertaining to watch and we had great weather.

The picture above is the view from my kitchen window. Wow so much for trees and bunnies.

All the sides are up now we only have several days to put in all of the pipes that run under the floor and build a retaining wall. Did you say "WE"?

 Here is the retaining wall that we built in 12 hours. It turned out great.

Here are the trenches for the pipes, we were out here until eight at night and it got very dark in this garage with no lighting. I can't believe all of the mud that we are dealing with.

This is the crew who came to get the frames ready to pore the concrete. We always have to wait for these guys. I fired one roofer that was referred to us (never called us, never came by, never left a message) and hired another one that came the next day.

Yes we have floors, I won't bore you with all the trouble we had, but it was not fun. Between rain, people not coming when they say they will, rain, and more rain, it was quite the project. The garage doors are still not in and who knows when. Can't wait for the final inspection, who knows when. 

Here is a picture between the house and the new man cave. I already have plans below as to what I want to do for this area. I wonder if we could build it in 12 hours. 

Only the decking would go all the way over to the house.


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  1. What a lot of work, Cindy! I know all about that sort of thing. It can be sooo frustrating but when it is done it is soooo worth it! It is looking good so far! xo Diana


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