Sunday, October 23, 2011

2 Vintage Portrait Dresses From 1 Vintage Gown

I have been keeping very busy, but have neglected my blog for quite some time.  I was asked by a friend to make some Portrait dresses. Here is a post about how I made two dresses from one dress.

This is the original child's gown below that I started with, it was really cute and had a satin slip under it that was huge. I decided to take another slip and build a little dress on top of it.

Here is the pattern that I was making for the bodice. This is the little slip from the back where I have just put on the panel that matches the bodice. The mom wanted something vintage, not real matchy but that would go together for her two little girls.  I took one Vintage Child's gown with a slip and made it into two little dresses.

This is the bodice all pinned on. I took a ruffle off of the vintage gown to make the bodice and ruffle around the second dress.

I took the slip from the gown  and made it into the skirt of the second dress. Here is the ruffle that I pinned along the bottom.

The slip had a small lace trim, I put the ruffle just above the trim so that the lace could peak out at the hem.

This is the second dress with the bodice finished and the skirt put on. The slip that I made the skirt out of was a satin material. I loved all of the original gathers so I just sewed them onto the slip just like they were.

Here is the little dress that I built on top of the little slip. I think it turned out really cute.

 Here is the little one that I started with it is shorter of course since I removed a large ruffle off of the bottom. They only need a few alterations and they will fit perfectly. I will update this post when I get some of the pictures from the photo shoot.



  1. These are so pretty!
    Love them;)

    Lovely greetings...

  2. You did a wonderful job. Two beautiful dresses! xo Diana


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