Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Remember the Thrift Find Butterflies?

Remember these butterflies, I always find a way to use my thrift stuff.  

I decided to make a gift for a friend, I wanted something simple and unique.

I took one of my plastic frames, you know the ones that you always pass up at yard sales. I love the detail and they are so cute.

I primed it and then spray painted it a creme color. They always look so pretty when they are done.

Then I took the slats that I have a ton of and I sanded them really good. Then I coated them with several coats of Poly.

Next I measured the back of my frame, then I realized that I had the backing and it would come in very handy. Notice the channel on each side of the frame, more about that later.

I cut my slats to fit the opening and actually cut some smaller for a kind of pieced together look

This is the cardboard backing and it even had a hanger.  I glued the slats that I cut straight to the cardboard backing, then I stuck it in the frame so the glue could dry in place and it would fit perfectly.

I did have to add glue around the cardboard backing to hold it in place and you cannot even tell the glue is there. These plastic frames always have kind of a channel that the picture sits down into. The hot glue just fell into that channel, so when I put the cardboard backing with the slats back in, it just held it really nice.
This is how it looked after the glue dried.

I painted the butterflies the same color as my kitchen table top and then sanded them slightly so the detail would come out nicely.
I hot glued the butterfly to the slats and it was done.

I like how it turned out and it was fun making it. Great gift for a very minimal cost. 



  1. Nice! Can I buy the picture you took out of it?

  2. Looks Great!! I have several of those butterflies and I'm having fun decorating with them :)


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