Sunday, August 28, 2011

Drawers for Sewing table

Years ago my husband brought home a dry sink (free) that we made into a cabinet for our bathroom sink. It worked out beautiful. He had to cut off some cute little drawers to be able to put the sink in.  I loved the little drawers and so did my husband. He has used them in his workshop for years.

Knobs were missing and he was real inventive with being able to open and close the drawers.

I had always hoped that I could use it in some way. The other day he told me if I wanted it I could have it because he was going to throw it away. 

I told him that I thought I could probably use it in some way. I got busy and sanded it and took off the screw handles and primed it. 

I started to think this is just about the same width as my sewing table. I measured and they were the exact same width. I use a little pink desk that has two little trinket boxes attached to the top. The tag was from a sale that I went to, it did not sell and I was really glad. I love this little desk and it is perfect for my sewing machine.

I decided that since this is in my guest room I needed to dress up the drawers a bit. My guest room is rather romantic and that is where I do my sewing.

I got some flowers that I had and glued them on the drawers. The two outside drawers being the same and the two middle drawers being the same.

I glued all of them on and then went hunting for some knobs. I want something kind of klunky and funky.

I found these in my bag of knobs ugly right? I primed them and drilled the holes through the drawers.

Then I primed the drawers with the flowers all glued on. They look so much better already.

Sorry for the yellow light it is night time now and very hard to take pictures.

It is still just primed but I took it in to see how it would fit. I fits pretty good and it is high enough that when I am sewing I can reach the drawers they are kind of up above the back of the machine.

I think they turned out really cute. I even like the knobs, now I need to find the paint color for the desk, or maybe I should just repaint both of them.


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