Monday, August 22, 2011

Cute New Doggie Den For Diesel

I wanted something for the family room that Diesel would love and be comfortable in, at the same time I wanted something functional.

The dog crate was just not doing it for me. I don't know why, the plastic is a lovely color of grey and we all know that grey is the new white.  It is such a lovely shape and it really is functional for dumping stuff on top. I have to agree that it is great where there is a transportation function, but that is where my agreement stops.

My husband was upset when I brought the little night stand home. "I thought we were getting rid of things"!  I explained that I had been looking for the perfect night stand to make into a dog bed for Diesel and he looked at me like I was crazy, I think most of you know the look.

Look, I spent 2.00 on this, it was sitting in front of the thrift shop when I drove by I saw it, (true story).

I primed it and took that back off of it. I am going to take apart a baby gate and use the screen part of it for the back. I want Diesel to be able to breath :0)  I think he is going to love this when I am done.

It was missing a knob not a problem and the missing piece of veneer on the side was actually in the drawer so I could glue that back on. 

I glued and nailed down the inside piece and the side veneer needed a little glue as well. 
I painted the inside with primer. The bottom of the piece was very bumpy and had been exposed to water at some time. I painted it to make it smooth and then I added glider feet. It raised the piece up off the floor so that it would not scratch anything. 

I painted it a turquoise color because I want to dry roller this piece and I want the under color to match a color in my family room rug. 

I dry rolled over it with white. I think I will have to do a second coat. It still seems too green to me. 

I like this second coat much better. I also found two small knobs that I added to the doors. 

Here is my baby gate piece on the back, I pre-drilled holes in the gate and attached it to the back of the night stand. It fit perfect with breathing space on either side.

His little bed that he lays on in the family room fits on here perfect.

I decided the bottom of the piece was ugly so I am adding a small trim to finish it out.
    After the glue dried I primed and painted the cabinet one more time with the dry roller and white.

I really like how the grooves are a pale green. The color goes good with my couch and rug.

Here is Diesel checking out his new dog cave. I am glad that I added the trim around the bottom of the piece, it really added a nice edge.

I really think this looks so much nicer than the dog crate.



  1. This is a fabulous idea!! There just wasn't a good spot to keep my dog's bed in my bedroom, so now I will remove the doors on my nightstand and place his bed inside - thanks for posting this!

  2. Great idea! He looks like he is enjoying it and I love the color you chose to paint it!


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