Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wow I was Queen for the Day!!!

I guess someone finally realized my status and booked me two nights in a castle. We called the Holiday Inn and the Comfort Inn neither one had any rooms available for the two nights that we wanted to stay in Circleville,  Ohio. I don't know what was going on, so I tried to find a Bed and Breakfast. Well the first one that came up was the Castle Inn. It was a grand old place in its day and the owner is fixing it up as we speak.

As you can see it really is a castle, We stayed in the round room with the lace curtains.

This is the staircase going up to the bedroom area. I just kept thinking how I would decorate the castle differently. Although there were some really beautiful antiques there were also some really tacky items.

This vase just didn't fit in and there was too much castle memorabilia. See the shields and axes on the walls, this is a formal foyer and the suits of armor everywhere were not something I would decorate with.

This is the formal foyer, the doors in the background are lead crystal. This home was built in 1898 and the father of two daughters built another grand home across the street. He also built a tunnel between the two so the sisters could visit with out having to go outside.

All of the light fixtures are original to the home and very beautiful.

This built in was in the dining room and is a fabulous piece. The original wallpaper was painted over with faux painting. There is one panel of it left next to the built in. I took a picture of it because it was just beautiful and I could really imagine it in the whole room.

Very French and I loved the colors of it. The aqua was so warm with the cream color and the white just made all the details pop.

This is the room that I stayed in. The home is in disrepair and needs a lot of work, but it is just beautiful. 

I felt like a queen in this grand bed.

I had never slept in a room with a turret. It was very pretty with its huge curved windows.

The whole bathroom was marble imported from Italy and it was very pretty.

This is the bathroom tucked under the staircase. Very nice, lots of old fixtures and marble of course.

I would recommend the castle if you are ever in the area of Circleville Ohio. It is a grand old place but you have to be able to overlook some of the deterioration. They are working hard to fix it up and I think it will be lovely when they are done.



  1. Cindy looks like you have a good time It's beautiful....


  2. Totally awesome!!!! Would love to spend the night there myself!


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