Monday, May 9, 2011

Project with Mr. Parfait in mind

My husband was really in need of a place to hang his coat when he comes in from outside. He also likes a place to put his shoes, but never really knows where to put them. I had taken his antique squirrel hat rack down to paint the laundry room. Poor guy didn't even have a place to hang his hat. I have been thinking of this for a very long time and since he is out of town, I thought I would get a few of these type of projects done while he is gone. 

Well remember this thrift share from yesterday. I paid $19.00 for this shelf. With the exception of the very middle shelf, the rest of the shelves can be moved around.  I bought some coat hooks and came up with the idea of moving all the shelves to the lower half of the unit. They are about 6 inches apart.

I  turned the shelf around so that I could reinforce the back to install the coat hooks. The back on this shelf is very flimsy and it would not hold a coat or sweatshirt with out some kind of reinforcement. 

So I measured 6 inches down for my 4 inch piece of wood, I wanted it to be 2 inches from the top. I would not be able to see the top of the board so I put a piece of blue painters tape where I wanted the bottom of the board to go.

First I measured and cut the board to fit between the sides of the back of the unit. 

Then  I used a quick seal adhesive to the back of the board and clamped it to the back so it could dry.

I hate waiting for things to dry, so I decided to collect the things that I needed to finish.

Got a bunch of the stuff that I needed from the Ace Hardware that is pretty close by.

I would need the hooks, a pencil, a tape measure, a drill and a 7/16ths bit.

I measured down from the top to where I wanted the hooks to go. I held the hook up and marked the holes. I then drilled a pilot hole into the back of the unit and into my wood reinforcement in the back.

Here are the hooks and they went in pretty easy. I did have to hold onto the wood in the back while I screwed in the hooks. I wanted the wood to pull tight to the unit as I tightened the screws.

See how I moved all of the shelves to the lower half. Here is my little wooden box that I got as well. It fits perfectly here for Mr. Parfait's work gloves. 

Here are his work jackets hung on the new hooks and a place for his gloves. 

The shoes fit in here nicely, his boots are on the bottom. I think he is going to like this new spot for his stuff.  This should be much nicer than trying to hang everything on the poor little squirrel hat rack.

Here is the before of the shelf on the left, and the after on the right. The shelves were moved and the coat hooks put in so that it would function for the purpose that we needed it for. 

I had Mr. Parfait hang the squirrel hat rack back on the wall before he left on his trip,  he looks pretty cute by the back door. I hope Mr. Parfait likes the touches that I added to the laundry/mud room. I miss Mr. Parfait when he is gone, but I keep busy so the time will go by faster.


Thrift Share

Just a few little things that I got this week. I went with my daughter to get a few things to organize my life. I got some really good deals that I absolutely needed, hee hee. I got a really nice shelf for next to my washer and dryer. I will show you this week how I am going to transform it into something different. 

 Small awkward area but this fits there perfectly. Yes this is the shelf that I got for $19.00. It has a few scratches on it. 

This box fit on this shelf perfectly, maybe I can find some more of these. I paid $2.00 for the box. 
I got the cute jar at a thrift store for 3.90. It is pretty big and I love the stainless top and the chalk board label area to write on. 

I also got this wire basket for $1.90. I know I can use this too. I will be turning the shelves into something else for the laundry room. Any guesses?


I am linking up to Apronthriftgirl check it out for more great stuff