Monday, April 11, 2011

Thrift Share Subway Tile

I have been looking for this tile forever and I finally found it. I am going to do my own treatment for a counter top for the laundry room, but I really wanted to find the subway tile for the back splash. I asked my husband to stop by the Habitat Restore the other day since we were in town and going right past. We don't usually go to Manassas but once a month since it is over an hour away.

This is the tile that I found after I cleaned it all up. 

Their room with the tile if very organized but finding enough of one tile is usually pretty difficult. If you wanted to break the tiles and do a mosaic it would be heaven. I searched and searched and then saw this laying out of place in the very bottom with some trim tile. 

Could it really be that I had actually found what I was searching for. Yes it is the subway tile that I have been wanting. I knew I needed at least 16 tiles to go across the wall and there were close to 99 of them. Some had little chips but I could use those for the ones on the ends that I needed to cut. Wow, I was so excited. I thought this is too good to be true, so they will probably want an arm and a leg for them. I emptied a box that was close by and shoved the loose ones in the box and made my way up stairs with the dirty lot. 

I asked the guy how much they wanted and he said that the guys downstairs are supposed to give me a cost on a paper to bring upstairs. I said I didn't see anyone down there. I knew I had about $80.00 worth of tile so I was trying to figure out in my head what is the most that I would pay. The guy says how about $5.00, I about died. Yes that would be great, I said. I can actually do four rows across and I found the bull nose trim for the top, exactly 16 pieces. I think this was meant to be. 

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  1. Amazing!! Subway tile is gorgeous, you really scored!

  2. It's funny how sometimes the thing you're looking for is just there waiting for you. Great price too.

  3. Thanks for the share. Great stuff, just nice!
    subway tile


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