Sunday, April 3, 2011

Remember the side yard gate?

Remember our project of the Side yard gate? Well we finally finished it and wanted everyone to see it. We are actually back in Virginia now. I got the gate painted on the front side and the fence section we built, just before we left to come home. I must say that I am having a hard time with the temperatures and no peacocks in the yard.

Here is what we had when we started an old fence on the right and a few posts that we removed and relocated. Of course Diesel is right there helping Zach.

Here is after the left side of the fence was built and then we added the gate. 
The corrugated metal is to keep Diesel in the back yard. 

Here is the same shot from further back see the old fence on the right, we tried to build the other side to match. I think it looks pretty good. 

Finished gate and fence, took me forever to paint it. Zach did a really good job. I of course had to communicate what I wanted and after that we were on the same page.

My daughter is going to paint the front decking to match the gate and fence on the side. They also plan to paint the stucco this summer. We all want it to be a cute beachy little cottage that we all love.  It is a work in progress and with our creative efforts it is becoming a great place to go and relax. I will keep everyone updated on the new colors and progress of the Beach Cottage.


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  1. Sounds great! I love that little picket gate! So sweet.


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