Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I need some Help!!!!

I want to revamp the guest room. I hate the wallpaper and Mr.Parfait loves it. I was thinking I could live with it if it looked faded and old. It was here when we bought our home. I also want to re-do this dresser with another color or decoupage on the drawers. Any ideas ladies? Has anyone out there bleached or painted over the wallpaper to make it look faded?

This is a really nice piece and it really holds a lot of toys and Etsy Merchandise.

I was thinking of stripping the top and doing a dark stain ala Miss Mustard Seed style. I really do like that look and it would not be hard to do. 

Really pretty details on this piece and we have had a lot of guests.  I like when the room looks nice and I figure if the pieces in the room are really pretty maybe know one will notice the ugly wall paper. 

Even the sides really lend it to the decoupage treatment of some kind. 

Well ladies I think that I need some suggestions and I have a gift for the person who's idea I pick. This lovely tray will be given to the person who's idea I choose to do for the dresser revamp. It is a lovely large tray 16" long and a lovely rose design in the center. Thanks for any help you can suggest.


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  1. Really!?!?!? He likes it? Maybe doing a board and batten treatment on the bottom would help. But maybe higher like this: http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs153.snc1/5688_104326799225_104160929225_2302773_5192550_n.jpg
    With a shelf would look nice for pictures:
    Or maybe something on a variation of this: http://www.acanthedesign.com/wainscot.htm
    You could even do the last one on the top if it is the green he likes best.

  2. Cindy, First take that wallpaper down when hubby is gone! Paint the room a soft shade of blue. Men usually really like that. Then strip the dresser top and stain it like you suggested. Men like stained stuff too. Then paint the dresser white to freshen it up.

    Yes, I have 'aged' wallpaper before. All you need to do is buy clear glaze (It looks white in the can, but dries clear) Mix four parts glaze with one part paint, like white. Then take a four inch brush and lightly paint the glaze mixture in a cross hatching motion on the wallpaper. It will shock you at first because it will look too white, but as the glaze dries clear, only the small amount of white paint with stay. It will soften the wallpaper. You can use any color...it doesn't have to be white.

  3. the dresser is oh-so-shabby lovely! i like the idea of giving it the MMS treatment on top. if you want to add a "subtle" texture to the sides of it...why not adhere some faux pressed tin pieces inside each panel (or real ones if you have some) and paint them over as you did the dresser. i did that on my living room mantle and love the way it came out. i also wanted to say merci for stopping by my blog today and for your kind comments. your blog is lovely. i am your newest follower! nice to meet you!

  4. Hello Cindy!
    I have the same problem with my husband, we have a few wall paper borders that came with the house and he loves them (and I hate them). To make it look old, what you can do is kind of wet some parts and sand them, that'll give you the very worn look and then apply a white wash on top, that will kind of fade the dark parts. You have a lovely blog, I became your follower.
    Have a great day!
    XXX Ido

  5. I can understand that you are ready for a change... can't help with the wallpaper, cause I'm clueless.

    but the dresser? I love it just as is! It's gorgeous!

    good luck girl!

  6. Don't touch that dresser!! It's perfect just the way it is! I search high and low for pieces that look just like that and pay dearly for them!

    I agree with Terry though, send hubby on a mancation and strip the wallpaper and paint exactly what she said. He will love it! He says he likes the wallpaper because he doesn't want to have any part in the stripping! Trust me, I had to move mountains to get my saintly hubby to strip wallpaper for me!
    I can't wait to see what you decide to do!

  7. i also love the dresser the way it is and vote with the ladies who said to take it down when he's not around! then you can paint whatever color you want and the dresser will look even more awesome!

  8. I agree, rip it down! And, to show what a caring wife you are, frame a small portion of it for him to hang in his office ;)

  9. I would compromise with handsome hubby and put beadboard on the bottom of the wall where the green paper and the border are and top it with a lovely chair rail. I have "faded" my wallpaper but I just rubbed it down with an off white paint and it would be beautiful in your room. I would cut a piece of wood the size and shape of the dresser top, mod podge it with crinkled brown paper, and stain it (or you could just buy a really nice piece of wood and stain it). That way you have the best of both worlds- a dark top when you want it and the fabu chippy white when you don't!


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