Monday, March 14, 2011

Thrift Share digging for Silver and Gold

I got a chance to go out to some yard sales with my mom this week. She lives about 3 hours away from the house at the beach, so we drove over for a few days. My husband and my father love cars and there is a great car museum that they love to go to. It was good for a few hours of shopping for us. We went on Thursday, Friday and Sat. what fun we had.

I didn't plan it but it seems like a silver and gold theme this week. The first sale we went to was mostly guns. These people must have been afraid of something or hunt a LOT. They had every kind of gun you could imagine. None with pearl handles, so I passed on the rest of the guns. 

I got this cute little shade at the place with all the guns. I thought it was so cute and love the chain links wrapped all around this sweet little shade.

This set of scissors was at the next place. This man's wife had died and he had put a bunch of stuff out. My mom got a huge bag of hankies and vintage hats that will be on Etsy soon. I got a bunch of silver and gold stuff. 

I found this glass glitter in the bottom of a box full of Tupperware bowls that had seen a better day. I saw the rusted lids and wondered what they were. Don't forget to dig in the box of Tupperware,  I was really surprised when I pulled these out.

They are quite large bottles and still have a lot of the glass glitter in them. 

I also found this little silver ornament and this crumb catcher in the bottom of another box. He was giving us really good prices but not wanting to make change. He was very old and didn't want to part with his money. 

I got this pineapple spoon at another little thrift shop that we went to. 

This little easel was at another yard sale. I could not believe the detail and the little legs on this piece too cute to pass up. 

I have never seen a little easel with this detail. 

My daughter and I have varying sizes of these little boxes around the beach house with sea shells in them they are really a nice way to display fragile shells. Oh and the lace panel under all of my finds was found in a box of fabric scraps.

I got a few other things like a watering jug, I got tired of using the liter bottle to fertilize the plants that I planted. I also got a really pretty curtain sash, lots of fabric and just up my alley. 

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  1. Nice stuff! Love the glass glitter what a find.

  2. I love the theme of these finds! So very pretty...

  3. Love the great finds! That glass glitter is to die for :)

  4. beautiful finds. Love the vintage glass glitter bottles...even though I normally detest glitter... well its the glue that I hate in the hands of children... yes I apparently am an ogress. ;o)

  5. Dig in the tupperware box indeed...that glitter is wonderful!

  6. I'm loving all your wonderful treasures especially those glitter bottles and that chain lampshade. I didn't get out this past weekend, so thanks for sharing your great stuff.

  7. That easel is so great! I'd love to paint it up white and shabby.

  8. Wow, those are some great finds.

  9. This is the first time I have ever looked at scissors and thought, "How pretty." :)


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