Monday, March 7, 2011

The Side Yard Gate

One of the projects that we wanted to complete when we  came to Florida was a side yard gate. I have to admit I felt the need to clear a lot of the leaves out of the area before we started. Our side yard has been neglected for years before we bought the house. It will definitely be a project over a long time.

I posted this picture earlier of the peacocks in the side yard but as you can see there are a lot of leaves and debris that needs to be cleaned out. I sucked up a lot of leaves with my new leaf blower and also raked a bunch into a pile. I tried to pile them by the curb but on yard waste day they did not take them. The large oaks in the front really drop a million little leaves so I bagged seven 30 gallon bags this week.

Here is the same area basically free of all of the leaves. I lined the path with some little grass plants that will just be an edging on the path later. They will actually be maintenance free for us later when they grow up. The leaves later will actually be hidden and feed the plants that I am putting in. I call that a win win. I hate raking leaves. So later on we will have to rake the path area but not the beds. 

A neighbor gave me some snake plants ( mother in law's tongue) and although they are not one of my favorites they are green and will fill in real nice in this corner of the fence. I also fertilized the asparagus fern in front of this little tree. It will look real soft and pretty when it fills in. 

While I was cleaning the side yard my husband was building a fence to attach a gate, that is his little helper Diesel. We moved a post forward to be even with the front of the air conditioner fence. By moving the post forward we can put the gate in to include the air conditioner unit in the back yard. 

This is looking from the back to the front. This is my husband Zach figuring out all the angles and making sure everything is level. The fence on the left was already there and so we tried to build the other side to match as close as we could. 

This is what the front to the back looks like now.  We have little dogs in our family and a few big ones, so this fence will really help keep them all in the yard. We have a hurricane panel there now to keep them in. 

It is a work in progress as you can see. We will go and get the supplies for the gate tomorrow. I will update the look as soon as we put in the gate. The green plants on the left were from a discounted plant that I broke apart and made into 4 plants. They too will be pretty when they grow larger.



  1. Working hard! Nice transformation pictures. Thrifty too!

  2. Is that sight.... My friend Sharron has peacocks in her year they are so beautiful...looks like your working hard. have a great day



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