Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ruffle Back Chair Tutoral

You can make a chair like this too.
Isn't this a cute chair. I can show you how to make it with no sewing.

This is the chair that I started with.
I know what all of you are thinking. Another Chair!!!! well I saw this one at a thrift shop and about died when the guy told me it was $5.00. I have been wanting to do a chair like this so I grabbed it.

I sanded the chair because it had quite a few scratches and nicks on the wood. The old finish of sealer looked like it was kind of flaky.

After sanding it well,  I painted it with primer and then rolled it with a white paint.
I did sand just a little to distress the legs and the fluted design just a little. It won't show much because the previous finish was very light in color. Notice above that I painted the old piping so that if any shows it will just blend in.

I started with a drop cloth and I washed it and dried it.
I cut the front of the upright part of the chair first, it being my largest piece. 

I stapled it on and trimmed the edges. 

I like to staple and trim leaving a little extra to fold up and glue, it looks finished and covers the staples. I can then put any trim over the stapled area with out worrying that any staples will show.

The folds don't really matter either, I will show you later that they won't show.

Next I cut a piece for the seat and stapled it on. I tucked the back in as far down into the chair as I could.  With out my pneumatic stapler I could not attach it there at this time.

I finished the seat with several staples to put it into place and then secured it down along the piping that I painted. If any of the piping shows it will just blend in. I trimmed it so that I could fold it up and glue it.

I measured here for a 4 inch ruffle to fit under the bottom edge of the chair. I decided to do it this way because I really like the fluted design in the bottom apron of the chair. 

I used a drop cloth and used the salvaged edges so that I did not have to hem the ruffle on the bottom.

Notice the left hand edge is the salvaged edge not the hemmed edge. Under the bottom edge of the chair I just folded and stapled over and over to form my ruffle edge.

Here is another picture showing the back, seat and the ruffle. Didn't take long at all and working outside on the deck was a lot of fun. 

I cut a piece for the back and on the left side I took advantage of my seamed edge. 
I cut off the hemmed edges of the drop cloth and decided to use it for my trim. This hemmed edge will be used to trim out the rest of the chair as well, I figured it would be a little different and have it's own personality.

Next I stapled across the top and  then down the right side.

Here is where after I attached the back I glue the edge back over the staples here you can see it half done. This cuts down a lot on threads hanging out when you put your trim on. Frayed edges are really common when working with drop cloths, you have to learn how to glue it down and hide it under.

This is what I don't want to see under each ruffle. I have wanted to do this type of back for a long time. I have never seen one done like this, but these things exist in my mind for a long time before I actually get to do them. This fabric on the top is not attached I am just trying to figure out how many ruffles to do and the spacing of the ruffles.

I figured out that the back is 22 inches and I want to tuck at least an inch under each ruffle, so I did 5 - 6 inch ruffles for the back.  I don't have a sewing machine here at the beach house so I had to figure out how to do this without a sewing machine. Here is my first ruffle. I started at the bottom of the back and glued the top of the first 3 inches then made a fold and glued that down. I repeated this over and over again.

Here are two ruffles done. Keep going until the back is covered overlapping as you go.

Then I took the hemmed edging and went all around the chair and finished it off. I think it turned out great. I am thinking of doing some type of stencil pattern on the front of the chair. I have not decided yet and some carefully placed bows.

This is the hemmed trim.

Trim on top of back.

Trim on bottom of back side.

Trim around the front of the seat. This was fun to do not really very hard, no sewing. I just stapled and glued the whole project.

I love how it came out I will update it as soon as I do the stencil and bows. 

Here are some before and after pictures so you can really see the difference.

I think I am going to take this home from the beach house and use it in the living room. I need to enjoy it for a while. I like how it turned out and I might want to try my hand at the stencil idea.

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    Pamela :)

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