Friday, March 4, 2011

I never thought I would have Peacocks

I don't own these birds, but I want you to know that I never thought of having peacocks in my yard. I came home one day and there they were. There are about five of them that come and hang around.

 These guys are in my side yard. They are really big, I just want to pet them they are so pretty.
I have not seen one with the really large tails in my yard, but I did see a bunch of them today on my way home from shopping.  So they are around maybe I can persuade one to come home and keep these company.

They took off for the fence when they saw my husband trying to get their picture. 

I took this one from the kitchen window. I want to go shopping and I don't want to disturb their roost, but really I need to go thrifting. You guys better not poop on my car, I don't want to have to wash it before I leave to go shopping. Please!!!



  1. I wonder if these are peahens or young ones. ? Have you heard their cry? Sounds like a child in trouble. These birds can be worth $100's in pairs.

    I'll be surprised if you didn't have to wash the car! :)

  2. Wow that is so cool. they are very tame animals as far as I know. There were a bunch of them in Jamaica the time I was there. I saw some this winter as well in India. Enjoy.

  3. How cool is that!! I hope I don't have their relative stuffed in my livingroom *gulps* And I hope you were able to go out thrifting (sans bird poo *winks) Vanna

  4. Cindy I live in the Pacific Northwest, near Seattle Wa. You should RUN not walk and grab those mercury glass lamps! I wish we could go thriftin' together....I might have to tackle you for a thing or two LOL! Vanna


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