Thursday, March 3, 2011

I got some little birds the other day

I got some little birds the other day. I wanted to show everyone what I did with them.

They were really cute but way too dark for me. The little candle cups don't come out so I painted them as well as the little birds.

I liked that they were each a little different and faced opposite directions. Stuff like this is usually exactly alike. 

I spray painted them white and then rubbed them with my sandpaper. I like more so I really scratched them up. 

I think they turned out really cute. Here they are all done and on my patio here at the beach house in Florida. 

I also got a switch plate that was really ugly that day for .50. I spray painted it as well but I didn't distress it I liked the detail just like it was when I got done. 

I like to put this kind of switch plates around in my bedrooms. I don't match any of them they are all different. I love the special look that they add to the space. Speaking of space I wanted to let all of you know that I got to finally see the space shuttle take off. We drove up to an area here in Cocoa Beach where the cruise ships take off to get a better view of the lift off. 

It was a total of 57 seconds of the most fabulous thrust of power I have ever seen. Less than one minute later the shuttle was gone from site. 

Last flight for this shuttle, I wish them the best on their eleven day mission.



  1. Cindy, how cute are your birds... Looks like you guys are having fun...Have a great weekend


  2. Love the birds. I have one black bird I picked up and will be painting today...still looking for a mate for it.


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