Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How I did the paper wreath

I know there are a lot of versions of the page wreaths. I just thought I would add mine onto the million others that you have seen. I decided to do one for my daughter that was a little different. 

I  decided to use music out of a hymnal that was falling apart. The paper is not yellow but quite white and that is what my daughter said that she wanted.

I rolled a bunch of pages and stapled the bottom of the roll until I could figure out just how I wanted it to look.

I also made a bunch of the paper roses. I knew that I wanted this one to be very special.

I use paper plates and just staple right to the plate. The first plate I use is a large paper plate, you know the kind with the green edge and kind of raised around the edge. I turn the plate over and cut around the inside to get just the flat center of the plate, it is defined on the back.  I line the music sheets up on the outer edge of the wreath not on the inner edge of the plate. I space them apart on the outer edge because my next plate of music sheets will fill this area in. 

This is what it looks like when you are done. The next plate is the small paper plate same kind just smaller. I staple the same way only to the back of the plate so that the music is kind of sticking up when you turn it over. 

I glue the two plates together they fit really good since one is big and one is small. 

This last plate is upside down and small again the roses get glued right to the top. The edge of the plate is shaped like the one below and just fits right down in, to glue it in place. I hot glue on all the roses. 

I also take another flat plate the size of the first one and I cover it with the music and then paste it to the back with the ribbon sandwiched in between so you have a hanger.

I had made a lot of the book page very vintage looking wreaths for Christmas for a lot of my friends. I didn't want them to be just for Christmas so I put every ones Monogram on them and trimmed them with satin trim and toole. 

So there you have it, the staple and paper plate version. I can't seem to get anything looking very round without help, so this paper plate thing really works well for me. 



  1. Love it! I made several wreaths this year too and I also made several book page flowers using the same method only filling in completely. Sold a lot of those too.

  2. That is soooo beautiful! I love the rose center, and the ones you made with the monograms are gorgeous too.I never thought of using paper plates. That's a great tip and a really well done tutorial.

  3. I really love how you have the roses in the middle, you have such great tutorials!


  4. Cindy this is the prettiest one I have seen...


  5. That is beautiful! I will have to see if I can find how to make paper roses so I can make a beautiful wreath like this! I love your version!

  6. THis is gorgeous!!! I love the added roses to the wreath. Your talent is awesome!

    Pamela :)

  7. Wow.. love this one. Seen many paper wreaths, but none with the roses. It's very different and VERY pretty!

  8. Love these grand-daughter is going away to graduate school...studying Creative Writing...I want to make a wreath for her!!! hank You!!


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