Sunday, February 6, 2011

Toy Story Gift for Ben

My grandson Ben is a huge fan of Toystory. He got everything imaginable for Christmas from Woody jammies to a blanket that Buzz holds. I decided to make him a cute wall piece that I saw by Stephanie Lynn at Under the table and dreaming. I think hers turned out much better than mine, but I know Ben will love this.

First I got a really cheap frame from my stash. I took out the glass and found my burlap. I have lots of it since I started to pick it up at sales when I saw it cheap. 

Then I got out my cream paint by Plaid and my trusty grungy paint brush and I painted the frame. 

While the paint was drying on the frame I cut a piece of foam core to fit the frame. I cut the burlap a little bigger than the foam core so I could wrap it around the sides. After wiping glue all over the foam core I rubbed the burlap flat onto the foam core.  Then I wrapped the burlap around the sides of the foam core and glued it down to the back. 

I got my little Toy Story Characters that Ben loves from Pez and the Krylon Fusion Paint. 
Aren't they just the cutest. 

Then it was downstairs to my trusty paint booth. Yes I know it is a box, but it works in cold weather when I can't go outside. It also keeps the over spray from getting on everything around it.

Here they are after their first coat. It took quite a few times to cover the red. This paint works really well on plastic. It gives it a really nice sheen. 

Here they are all painted. Next I took modge podge and a little brown paint and mixed it for a glaze. I just painted it on and wiped it off with a paper towel. What is left on the piece gives it more detail. 

Here it is all finished. I attached velcro to the back of each character and stuck them onto the burlap. I think it turned out cute. Ben will think so too. 

I hope you like it Ben, Grandma loves you!!!



  1. Hey Cindy, what's up well I see what's up, You have got the most creative mind in the world. this is so cute and not to mention the grand baby WOW is he very adorable...It was so nice taking with you the other day, Have a great Sunday


  2. It turned out great! I was sitting here reading it and he was looking over my shoulder yelling "Buzz! Woody!" So I think he will love it :)

  3. That's beautiful. You took this to another level. It's pure art!


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