Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thrift Share

My daughter Alison and I love to shop. Sometimes we shop all day and sometimes we just hit a few of our favorite shops. I am sure many of you share the desire to get out of the house and hunt for special things. We usually leave home with a plan, we try to make a large circle from our home, around the city to run errands and then back home again.

Found this little tea set, even without the lid on the t'pot I could not resist the size. That is a dime in the picture to show you the size.

Fairy tale stickers were just too cute. Maybe they will be something special to use for Valentines day. Check out Little Red Riding hood with her basket of goodies. I didn't realize that it included  wine.

I got a set of silver plate tea service. I love to pick these up they make great little sets for the guest room.

Kitty cat glasses, little girl size. They are really cute with their vintage flair. I had friends who had some just like these.  This is all we got this week. Maybe we can go out for another hunt if the weather stays normal. 


  1. Hey Cindy, great finds, can't do much here as the weather is nasty... I didn't even take Tia to work today... hope your days is beautiful.


  2. Oh I love tiny teasets and have several! Yours is darling, even with the missing lid:) Your other finds are lovely too!

  3. Great finds. I especially like the cats eye glasses.


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