Saturday, February 26, 2011

I went back for the lamps

I had gone to a thrift shop at the beginning of the week with my daughter, and I saw this pair of lamps. I thought they were very beachy, but looked like they were not in good shape at all.

My Mom and Dad were visiting us and my dad is real handy. I knew the lamps that I had seen would be great but they needed to be rewired. I went back to the place that I had seen the lamps and decided if they were still there I would get them. I of course had to do the spit test and see if all the grunge on them was dirt or just horrible grunge of some kind. They passed the spit and tissue test and then I asked the guy how much. He said $10 each which I thought was too much. I walked around with them for a while looking at stuff and by the time I got up to the desk he had reduced the price to $7.50 each.

Look at all of the horrible smokers cough on this one. I love the crazing, it just adds to the beauty. But the vintage wiring had to go. I don't want my home to burn down. 

Look at the difference, I washed one and decided to take a picture of them together. 
I bought a lamp kit at Ace Hardware and my dad rewired both of them for me. I was over at my daughters house the week before and she had the cutest shades that she had purchased at Goodwill for 1.99 each. I told her I would give her $5.00 for them. I knew they would look great on some kind of lamp. Very modern, fresh and kind of quirky with all of the holes for the light to shine through. 

Well this is how they came out. I love the look they are so cute. I love the modern shade on the old lamp. These lamps were made by Wilba Hopper in 1959, she signed the bottom and I am sure it was a great ceramic class because she did a very good job. Thanks Wilba, I love my new lamps. I am just having trouble figuring out if they should stay in the living room or go up to the bedroom. 



  1. The lamp looks so much better, what an improvement! My end tables look exactly like yours, they were given to me by a friend and I painted them white:)

  2. Those look have a great eye and could see the diamonds in the rough! Great project!

  3. Cindy those shades are awesome on these lamps. So glad you got them. I am your newest follower! Love you header photo also, we love clocks around here! hugs, Linda @ A La Carte

  4. oh those turned out fabulous! and i adore the shades!! glad you listened to your gut and went back for them! :)

  5. Wow! You are so talented! Your chair above is going to look so great, too!

  6. Your "new" lamps look great! cute shades too, and that's a great price on them!


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