Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Deck at the Beach House

 We decided one day that we should paint the deck, of course it is old and probably needs to be replaced but we don't have that in the budget right now. We cleared the deck and swept it before we realized that the spaces in between the boards needed to be scraped clean.

The color of the house is another project, I am not fond of flesh color on my house that is. 

A large cutting tool was the only thing we had that would fit between the boards. Lots of built up leaves and sticks. Here is my honey getting the crud out from between the boards. 
I started with the blue stain and worked on the bench first. Then I decided on a wide stripe, so I painted 2 boards at a time to get the look that I wanted.

It was a beautiful day and I started early so that I would not die in the heat. It took most of the day to finish but I love how it turned out. I did fill in a few spots of decay with water putty. It is kind of a wood putty that comes in a powder form and I was able to mix what I needed to fill in knot holes as well.

I used a piece of cardboard as I painted, so that I would not get white on the blue. It slipped between the deck boards real easy and made it easy to paint without having to tape.

Wow what a fresh new feel. I love the texture that the stain added. It stained and sealed all in one step so we didn't have to put anything over this. I think that fence in the background needs to be dry brushed. It would look so nice. My daughter wants to paint the patio set a canary yellow. I think that would add a great touch of whimsy. 

This makes a great place for our morning cup of coffee. For now the deck is done. I love the festive look don't you. 



  1. Hey Cindy, hope your having a good time, Love the deck paint don't replace the deck it will look to new... grab some sun for me and send it my way.. Talk soon.


  2. looks great! and i agree w/ your daughter.. canary yellow would be awesome! :)

  3. looks great, and i think yellow would really pop on the furniture.

  4. Incredible deck, and I love the idea of painting the patio set yellow!

  5. I love the stripes. Your deck looks fantastic! I would go for the yellow. Thanks so much for stopping by Art@Home :D

  6. Very cool! I like it the look a lot. Thanks for your sweet comment.


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