Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Thrift Share and Sale Alert on some nice items.

Just thought I would let you ladies in on a site that I found. They have some great ruched items at really good prices I got these ruched silk shams for 18.00. I think they are even less now. I want the bedspread but am holding out right now.  You can check out the queen size quilt here

Check out this cute little three button pillow and the square pillow behind it. It was a good will find at .99 cents each. I think they are beautiful and they were like new.

Lots of really pretty stitching on this one. 
I love the look that my bedroom here at the beach is taking on.

I need to work on these nightstands. I want to do a pale gray in the room.
I will have to figure out my next project, and it just might be these.

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My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Little Chair Project

This is a really sweet little chair that I got for $10. while thrift shopping with my daughter last year. We went to a church thrift shop. This chair was in the corner with the pad on the seat. Of course upon closer inspection there was a hole in the cane seat. I knew that I could use it with the pad for a while.

It was a small hole but during our Christmas festivities it became much larger. I decided when I came back in February I would do something with it. Well here I am. It is February and it has become my little chair project. 

I love the detail on the chair and wanted to use a technique that I mastered a while ago. I love the look of the technique that I developed and so do a lot of other people. Anything I seemed to paint in this manner always seemed to sell really quick.

The cane on the top part of the chair is a double layer of cane. I am sure it will be a little more challenging but I know we can make it work.

As you can see this is a pretty large hole. 

I took the chair out onto the deck and cut the seat out of it with a razor blade. My little puppy Diesel was trying to help me by scattering the cane all over the deck. Lots of fun for him, not me.

After cleaning off the wood and sanding it lightly I started to prime it. Now this is probably the most important part of this technique. The primer is going to become a background layer for the look that we are going for. It will be seen, but only in the detailed areas and you want it to look kind of shadowy. 

Not real thick and you want to get it into all the cracks but not real even either. I will show a lot of the details of the primer so you can see kind of how you want this to look.
See how I got the paint on and into the grooves but not real heavy.

Again it is in the grooves of the detail but you want it to be kind of thin and dark looking.

Next step is with a foam roller. It is the same technique as dry brushing but with a roller. I know that sounds weird but it works out beautiful. Take the color that you want the chair to be now and use the roller along with a piece of clean paper. Don't use newspaper or you might have some words on your chair legs. The ink does come off and messes up the paint. I found that out the hard way. 

I used this piece of wood to roll out my paint until it was even on the roller.
Roll the roller back and fourth on the board to really get it into the roller. You want the roller to be almost empty of paint. It should be  like when you are finished rolling, and  you are ready to  dip back into the paint.

You are basically rolling over all of the high spots. Instead of sanding off the high spots to show the dark underneath, the dark shadow area is in the cracks.

As you can see in the picture above I only went part way on the raised areas so that you could see the difference in the paint. See how the darker areas stand out with the detail on the chair. This is the shadow effect that I was talking about. 

This is two coats of the dry roller technique. Now it is starting to look really good.

This is  a pale blue mirror that I did with this technique. 

If the fabric goes with that I might even use a pale grey. I am still trying to decide. 

See how that detail really pops. I love the cracks as well and any defects in the piece.
This will only need a few coats of paint to look the way that this is going to look. I sometimes paint another item at the same time because after you do a coat and are getting ready to reload the roller you can do the coat on this first. That is a great way to do it so that you don't waste your paint. You must empty the roller of the excess paint every time to get the right look. Dry rollering, I call it. 
Part 2 of this chair will be on Monday.  

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Boogieboard Cottage

I went back for the lamps

I had gone to a thrift shop at the beginning of the week with my daughter, and I saw this pair of lamps. I thought they were very beachy, but looked like they were not in good shape at all.

My Mom and Dad were visiting us and my dad is real handy. I knew the lamps that I had seen would be great but they needed to be rewired. I went back to the place that I had seen the lamps and decided if they were still there I would get them. I of course had to do the spit test and see if all the grunge on them was dirt or just horrible grunge of some kind. They passed the spit and tissue test and then I asked the guy how much. He said $10 each which I thought was too much. I walked around with them for a while looking at stuff and by the time I got up to the desk he had reduced the price to $7.50 each.

Look at all of the horrible smokers cough on this one. I love the crazing, it just adds to the beauty. But the vintage wiring had to go. I don't want my home to burn down. 

Look at the difference, I washed one and decided to take a picture of them together. 
I bought a lamp kit at Ace Hardware and my dad rewired both of them for me. I was over at my daughters house the week before and she had the cutest shades that she had purchased at Goodwill for 1.99 each. I told her I would give her $5.00 for them. I knew they would look great on some kind of lamp. Very modern, fresh and kind of quirky with all of the holes for the light to shine through. 

Well this is how they came out. I love the look they are so cute. I love the modern shade on the old lamp. These lamps were made by Wilba Hopper in 1959, she signed the bottom and I am sure it was a great ceramic class because she did a very good job. Thanks Wilba, I love my new lamps. I am just having trouble figuring out if they should stay in the living room or go up to the bedroom. 


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thrift Share

We went to several thrift shops this week and found some great stuff. My mom and dad are visiting for the week and we took off on Monday for a day out together. I was on the hunt for a dresser.

I needed lamps and thought these were really cute. Of course they were filthy but that is half the fun fixing them up. The guy wanted $10 each but he finally told me $7.50 after I pointed out that I needed to rewire them.

These little duck planters are adorable and will be going onto the Etsy shop. I think they are in perfect condition and could not pass up their cuteness.

I collect the old shell boxes when I see them. The glass diamond thing I thought I would decoupage. A great picture behind the back it will look cute.

I needed some of this trim to finish a chair I am doing, I think I am going to try and dye it brown.

This painted plate was just beautiful and has the signature of the artist on it. I could not resist the little metal frame, it is really very ornate and will be cute for something.

Great day was had at every thrift shop, I never found the dresser I was looking for.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome sign of the Pineapple

  I found this brass pineapple the other day, while out thrifting. It was $6.00 which I thought was too much, but when I took it to the cashier it was half price. Three dollars is much better. 

Then I decided that I wanted to paint it but not one solid color. We have used a lot of aqua and pale greens here at the beach house, so I started with white primer and got it into all the grooves of the piece.

After that I used a paper towel to wipe it off. I did this one section at a time.

This is what it looks like after the white is done. I didn't want much of the brass to show, I decided that a pale green would be good kind of a tarnished look, or oxidized look. I took my brush with the paint and dried it off and brushed over the piece. 

It still was not quite the look that I was going for, I took a piece of sand paper and went over the letters and the detail of the top of the pineapple to bring out some of the lines. 

Here it is on the wall I love how it turned out. This is a very traditional welcome type sign, I love the pineapple and its tradition in history, as a welcome of good cheer and affection in our home.

A little history below.

The pineapple has served as a symbol of hospitality and warm welcome through the history of the Americas. Christopher Columbus wrote the first account of a western encounter with the pineapple in the journal of his second discovery voyage across the Atlantic. 
In 1493, Columbus first brought the pineapple back to Renaissance Europe that was largely devoid of sweet foods, including fresh fruit. The pineapple's exotic nature and sweetness soon made it an item that soon acquired both popularity and curiosity for centuries after its European arrival.  In the 1600s, King Charles posed for an official portrait while receiving a pineapple as a gift.

By the Gilded Age,  through the present day, the pineapple became a familiar symbolic image of welcome, good cheer, and warmth and affection between all who dwell inside the home.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Deck at the Beach House

 We decided one day that we should paint the deck, of course it is old and probably needs to be replaced but we don't have that in the budget right now. We cleared the deck and swept it before we realized that the spaces in between the boards needed to be scraped clean.

The color of the house is another project, I am not fond of flesh color on my house that is. 

A large cutting tool was the only thing we had that would fit between the boards. Lots of built up leaves and sticks. Here is my honey getting the crud out from between the boards. 
I started with the blue stain and worked on the bench first. Then I decided on a wide stripe, so I painted 2 boards at a time to get the look that I wanted.

It was a beautiful day and I started early so that I would not die in the heat. It took most of the day to finish but I love how it turned out. I did fill in a few spots of decay with water putty. It is kind of a wood putty that comes in a powder form and I was able to mix what I needed to fill in knot holes as well.

I used a piece of cardboard as I painted, so that I would not get white on the blue. It slipped between the deck boards real easy and made it easy to paint without having to tape.

Wow what a fresh new feel. I love the texture that the stain added. It stained and sealed all in one step so we didn't have to put anything over this. I think that fence in the background needs to be dry brushed. It would look so nice. My daughter wants to paint the patio set a canary yellow. I think that would add a great touch of whimsy. 

This makes a great place for our morning cup of coffee. For now the deck is done. I love the festive look don't you.