Saturday, January 1, 2011

What should I get Rid of

My husband said he is not comfortable in our living room. He said the furnishing are just not him. I have collected things throughout our marriage that I just love.

This is the room in question. It is a little crowded in there. I was thinking maybe I should ruffle the couch. Let me show you a few of the items up close. Maybe some of you will have some ideas, we could decide what I should get rid of and what I should keep.

These are my end tables. They are quite nice and have the drawers in them which provide extra storage for the magazines that you don't want laying around. I have a pair of these I found them at a thrift shop for $25.00 for the pair. I could paint these the tops are not in perfect condition.

I love this lamp and I think he feels it is gaudy, I love the leaves with the crystals hanging off of them. The bottom is marble and the base is gold leaf, I think most of the lamp is gold leaf.

This table I think was in a palace somewhere. It was 18 foot long and I cut the ends off so that I could keep the table. The part in the center was broken and the carvings had all been damaged. It looks like it once held a marble top. I painted the tables and the tops and put them against the wall in my living room. They are on either side of my window in the room. I paid $25.00 for this table and the guys at the thrift shop delivered it to my storage area where I quickly made room for it until I decided to cut it apart. My husband hates these tables and wants me to get rid of them.  The mirror I found at an antique shop and a few moths later  I found one that was exactly the same. It  had been painted yellow by someone so I repainted it to match this one.

Here is the other table and mirror on the opposite side of the large window.
 I love romance style and I love the pieces that I have in here. I have not hung the mirrors because I painted the room and the ceiling and was unsure of the placement of the tables at this point.

One of my favorite prints in a really shabby gold frame. I love the missing pieces on the frame.

I like the couch it is damask and I like the painting above it. I need to do something with the pillows and the mirrors, not liking those so much.

I like this lamp and the table I know is worth a lot. I bought it from a designer who had wonderful European antiques and  told me if I ever wanted to get rid of it to call her back. I love the lamp got it on sale and the baby had been painted orange. I painted him white. He is in perfect condition.

Here is a better shot of the table with the little boy lamp on it. The bottom shelf is cane and the top is marble.  Really a special little piece.

This is a gold leaf cupboard that I bought for $35.00 it is the home of the old cameras that I seem to have collected over the years. The vignette on the top is the header of my blog with all of my old clocks and statues.  The painting was given to me by a friend and it is not framed just propped against the wall.  Honey, I don't want to get rid of any of these things. Maybe I could just rearrange and things would look better or something. I am really thinking of re-doing most of the home the way it would be most comfortable for us. I also have to finish a lot of the projects I have been wanting to do. I guess this is just a preview of the before of what is to come. Any ideas or suggestions? Let me know I would love to hear what you have to say.



  1. Your room is very, very feminine, which is probably why your hubby isn't comfortable there. Your furniture, though very nice, is very formal. I think you need to bring in more masculine elements.

  2. I agree, your beautiful pieces are quite feminine and formal, and your husband probably needs to be more comfortable. Your pretty pieces could probably used in many other areas of your home, and maybe he could tell you what he would like to see in the living room.

  3. Maybe just streamline things a bit, and add a few modern elements. OR let him design his very own man-cave in the garage. : )


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