Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thrift finds of the week

I really like to thrift shop, sometimes with a specific item in mind and sometimes just to see what is there. I went this week to find some wood for a project that I am making for 5 people on face book. I am involved in a project that encourages hand made items. The first five people who commented on my post are made a hand made item by me in the year 2011. They in turn have to post the same project on their page and make 5 things for the next five people who comment on their post, and so on...

I watched for some of their posts so that I could receive a few handmade items as well.  I got my five people pretty quick and I am making different things for most of them. I pretty much know what they like so it should not be real hard.

I was on the hunt for some wood slats, thought I could find some in a crate, a chair or a shudder.

First place I found a bunch of old books and they were very nice old books. Some of them had been painted gold. (top right) No wood at this place. Little thrift shop in town.

Next place I got some very nice rods. I always look for them and use the rods for all kinds of things I might even use these in the family room. $4.00 A lot of wood at this place but the costs were too high for how much I needed. Got these at the Habitat Restore.

Don't need army surplus but I might go back and check out this chair. I like the cane on the sides. I didn't even notice it when I snapped the picture.

Lamps anyone. I know there has to be some wood at this thrift shop they have everything. Let me look some more.

I did find a sea shell on these shelves. I had to work really hard to find it. It was a dollar and not .50 like the signs say, but I think it will look great at the house in Florida. I also found a little brass cup holder with a rose and that was .50 I need to keep looking for the wood.

Lots of chairs, lots of slats but not quite what I am looking for. I will ask when I go up to pay for the shell and cup holder. I did find some nice architectural pieces that I could use. I love the flat scroll work to add to dressers and stuff. These were two dollars along with my other stuff for a total of $3.50.
I asked if they had any shudders and they said no,

Here is my stash from this shop, not much but then I didn't come for this stuff either. I get out side and see a bunch of windows and doors and I wander over to check them out.

Low and behold there is a really great piece that is hinged together and so that gives me two pieces in one. It has enough wood for me to be able to finish my project. Yeah!!! I go back inside and they say $5.00 I can live with that. Thrift day was a success. Now I have to wash all this flaky paint off and take this apart. I need to get these projects done so I can work on some of my own..



  1. This is so cool! I love vintage/thrift shops, although you have too look for something worthy for a while.. when you find it, you're very pleased. :) Unfortunately I live in a suburban region, there's no cool thrift shops or just cool shops in general, so disappointing for me. :( Cool blog!

  2. Hi lovely lady. Pattie told me you had a new blog !! I love Vintage and all the old/thrift shop find's ~~ Im your newest follow on your blog. I hope you come over and see my Tablescapes and become one of my followers sweet lady. Diane

  3. I always seem to find whatever it is I'm looking for... of course, I look for EVERYTHING so its rather easy lol

    I'm glad to see you came across what it was you were looking for :-)


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