Friday, January 7, 2011

Thrift finds for my Kitchen

I went out the other day and wanted to get a few things for my kitchen. I want to lighten and brighten. So I went to find some small shelves, butterfly's and plaques.  I wanted some of those ugly brass butterfly's so that I could paint them and put them on the wall in the kitchen.

 These butterfly's were exactly what I was looking for. It is amazing to me when I want something and go out and find the exact thing.

Cute little shelves they were 2.50 each and I got them for 25% off that which makes them $1.88 each.

I also wanted to do a custom subway art sign. I saw one of my fellow blogger's do one, It turned out so cute you can check it out here Gail @ My Re purposed Life.  She is wonderful with the woodworking skills and although I know I could do it, I went looking for the perfect plaque. I found these two and they will be perfect. I am going to make one for the kitchen and one for in the laundry room. They were $3.00 each.

A big basket of sea shells for 2.00, one can never have too many sea shells. ;-)

I got busy on the first step of repainting my kitchen table from gold harlequin to pretty sugar white and pale blue top. The table was gold diamonds from a while back when the kitchen was yellow. Can't give you the name of the pale blue because it is a Cindy special, mixed from the laundry room blue and some white paint.

I sanded the table then primed the top and bottom. Primer is the glue that makes the paint stick and not a color. It is not a fun step but makes the jobs turn out so nice. I painted the bottom of the table and around the edges of the top.

I then taped off the edges after my 3 coats of sugar white dried and I did the pale blue in the center. Then when the tape came off it looked so much better. Yeah!!! I am going to try and incorporate the pale blue into the room since I don't care for the wall paper blue from the previous owner.

The table turned out nice now I can start on the items that I thrifted  for the kitchen.


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with the butterflies. I have some exactly like them on my wall, that I would like to do something different with.

  2. Love the shelves and butterflies. Great deals!

  3. great job on the table. Fun thrift finds.
    I think your floor is similar to the one I painted.
    thanks for linking up.


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