Monday, January 3, 2011

Starting the New Year with my Gotta get it done List

I know what I need to change in my life.  I think of ways to make my life easier all the time. I think about it everywhere I go. Last week I was actually putting things back on the shelf in the thrift shop because I really don't need another project. It actually helps me to make a lot of lists.  I have the To do list, the  Wanna do list and I have the Gotta get it done list.  They all are haunting me right now and it is like where do I start.  I have decided I will finish the office in the basement first. I only have a few things left to do.

This was on the Gotta get it done list.
We had a flood last year in the basement, do to an outside drain in the stairwell backing up. We  had to pull out all the carpeting in my husbands office. It had been glued down by the previous owner and there was a lot of scraping that had to be done.  We decided to go with a ceramic tile and do it ourselves. Of course we got the tile on sale at a great price.  I laid the tile with my husband and then I grouted the tiles. This is hard on the knees and my garden knee pads came in very handy.

 This is the before paneling yuck I hate it.  The  closet needed to be painted so I did that.  I wore out the brushes painting on this horrible stuff.  This is what the whole room had and I painted it a pale blue for him.

 Here is the after closet with the finished floor.

This is the finished room, or maybe I should say the finished floor. I painted the trim yesterday so that my husband can put the quarter round molding on. The room should be done. He can move his office or man cave back in here. He won't let me add my touches to it. It has to be him. I see you have started to move things in sweetheart. Those vintage license plates you have sure would look nice on the wall.

Everything from his office had to be moved into the other areas of the basement causing mass chaos. I need to finish this room and get him to move his stuff back in there, so that I can get back to organizing the other chaos in the basement. I won't even go into that.

Today I am going to paint the kitchen table.  Pictures to follow tomorrow.


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