Thursday, January 6, 2011

I miss you Annie....

More than words can say, I miss my little dog so much. She was 15 years old and we were great buddies. Annie was a really cute little dog that I found on the streets of the little town in Virginia that we lived in. When I first saw her she was running as fast as she could after a car, I can still see that car in my mind, driving on as if to ignore her barking. One can only assume that it was her owner. 
     She was thin, her coat was very dirty,  and she had a speaker wire tied around her neck.  She fell down exhausted in the street, I ran out to pick her up and she tried to bite me. We called the humane society and no one had reported her missing. The girls begged so we took her home, they were thrilled at the thought of having a little dog.
      She kept going to the door that evening and crying, I knew that she missed her family even though it was apparent that she was not well cared for. We gave her a bath and fed her and she slept in a little chair we had by the door that night. She thought it was ok, but still not her home. The next day she still went to the door and cried, she was unfamiliar with her surrounding. No one had reported her missing and the humane society told me they would call if someone was looking for her. The third day she woke up and  our house was hers, she loved my girls, she loved her food, her bath, and the back yard was pretty special with the two big Dalmatians out there. Little orphan Annie had found her home. I took her the next week for shots and to be spayed. When I picked her up the doctor told me that she was only a year old and that she had three pups in her. She had a pellet in her chest and her back had fused where it had been fractured at some point. This poor little dog as my husband reminded me over the years had died and gone to heaven when she found me.

Annie and Sarah

Annie with Jamie, Morgen and Sarah

Annie Modeling some sweaters for me.

Annie after her hair cut and a new jacket.

Annie helping us babysit for Casper.

Annie taking a nap, really good at that one.

She really liked to ruin my photo shoots.

She liked to go on walks and check out cool stuff.

Even in the winter she loved to walk.

This was our last day together, we enjoyed it, even though.

Annie is next to my bench and I can sit and remember all the fun.
     Sometimes she totally frustrated me, sometimes she made me laugh. She grew up with my girls and even got to play with my grandchildren. For Christmas my girls gave me a little card with a picture of the cutest puppy. My family had all pitched in to pay for my adoption fees for a new dog.

Yesterday I found my new companion, he will not replace Annie but we are hoping that he brings as many fun memories as she did. I have not named him yet but he is just the cutest little guy.

Thanks to everyone for making my Christmas extra special.


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  1. Congratulations on your new doggie - he is so cute! It's brutal losing a pet, but nice to know there are so many great memories.


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