Friday, January 28, 2011

Ho hum Chairs

I was given the task of finding some chairs for a friend who already had a table. Her table had pretty bulky legs and had been painted a creamy white color. She had a long dining area in her vintage home and wanted some chairs that the kids would not be able to tip and break. No dainty legs on this search.

I looked around and found a few candidates and sent her pictures. She told me these were ho hum and could not use them. I bought both sets, I had several tables that needed chairs for a sale I was going to have. I knew she would want the yellow set when I got done with them.

I got busy sanding and priming and they looked better already. Her dining area was a pale yellow but she loved rose so I found a fabric that had a bit of both. 

She could not believe the finished product. Of course I did some distressing and they all turned out so cute. The fabric and chair choice really did look great in her dining area.

I asked her later if anyone ever called her chairs ho hum, she laughed and said she gets so many compliments on them.

So it really does make sense when picking out chairs that they are sturdy and serve your purpose. You really can change the look of a ho hum sort of chair, give it a new life and enjoy for a long time to come. 

Oh and the other set that I bought.

It is a totally different look, It was snatched up real fast for a vintage modern look.


  1. I LOVE the 2nd redo with the black and white fabric -- stunning!!

  2. omg.. loving the 2nd look!! right up my alley!!
    fyi.. i'm a new fan! :)


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