Friday, January 28, 2011

Ho hum Chairs

I was given the task of finding some chairs for a friend who already had a table. Her table had pretty bulky legs and had been painted a creamy white color. She had a long dining area in her vintage home and wanted some chairs that the kids would not be able to tip and break. No dainty legs on this search.

I looked around and found a few candidates and sent her pictures. She told me these were ho hum and could not use them. I bought both sets, I had several tables that needed chairs for a sale I was going to have. I knew she would want the yellow set when I got done with them.

I got busy sanding and priming and they looked better already. Her dining area was a pale yellow but she loved rose so I found a fabric that had a bit of both. 

She could not believe the finished product. Of course I did some distressing and they all turned out so cute. The fabric and chair choice really did look great in her dining area.

I asked her later if anyone ever called her chairs ho hum, she laughed and said she gets so many compliments on them.

So it really does make sense when picking out chairs that they are sturdy and serve your purpose. You really can change the look of a ho hum sort of chair, give it a new life and enjoy for a long time to come. 

Oh and the other set that I bought.

It is a totally different look, It was snatched up real fast for a vintage modern look.

Not Just White

One day I heard someone refer to me as, the lady who paints all of the white furniture. It was not an insult to me because as all of you must know by now, I love white. It has an elegance that is timeless. I feel that white is fresh, happy and makes me feel really good.

I have included a photo of some of my work and wanted to show, that I am not just about white. I love color too. I think we all do. I love old and flaky, rusty and worn. There are a lot of looks in this girls portfolio and many more to come.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thrift Shared Time

It is no secret to anyone who knows me as to what makes me tick. I mean really, I love to thrift shop, yard sale and just browse any little shop that will let me in. I look for things that draw me in and really provoke thoughts. I am attracted to a lot of different items, but only a few do I decide to keep as my own.

Beautiful Little Brown Clock
This is one of the items that I collect, I can't even tell you why.  Don't you ever wonder what happened at 17 minutes after four when this clock stopped. Who did it belong to and where did it sit for years to wear that much paint off of its little feet. I paid $1.00 for this clock and I really love it.

This one was from a yard sale and there were two that were exactly the same. This one was unplugged at 12:00. Was it on moving day?

This one has stains so I imagine that it was used at a car shop or something. You know the kind of shop office off to the side of the mechanics shop, stacked full of papers and has the ash tray full of cigarette butts.

Awwwe poor little Baby Ben, you have been through a lot. No glass on this one and the second hand is gone. The hour hand is totally bent and the face is even crooked. I think this one was totally tossed around and no one cared about rescuing it, except me of course. I never pay a lot for my thrift finds, I do kind of feel like I am rescuing them. I take them home and clean them off and add them to my shelf of clocks.

Some of them are very fancy, this one screams when you plug it in.  I chose to leave it at 20 minutes to 3:00 one of my favorite times from the past, I think it was the exact time my children came off the bus from school. I would love to have that time again.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Details make it Special

Don't you think we are all rather romantic people. I am very in tune with my romantic side. I love to  think of things that people want to see when I re- do a piece of furniture. 

I love a rose, a piece of lace a little paint rubbed off on the edge of a piece. I don't know what it is about a worn piece but I love the feeling that I get when I look at it. 

I love cut work and I love the carved details in an antique piece.

 I really adore the look of cane and the painted details that you can include.

The curvy lines of the French Provincial Style are timeless.

Serpentine shapes are always a great choice. 

I like to add more detail to my pieces to make them really special without going over the top.
The old and the new blend well on this piece.

Even a little element of surprise in the drawers is a nice touch.
I know I should have been born a princess, when I see the rooms with all of the ornate moldings covered with gold leaf, I seem to feel right at home.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thrift finds of the week

I really like to thrift shop, sometimes with a specific item in mind and sometimes just to see what is there. I went this week to find some wood for a project that I am making for 5 people on face book. I am involved in a project that encourages hand made items. The first five people who commented on my post are made a hand made item by me in the year 2011. They in turn have to post the same project on their page and make 5 things for the next five people who comment on their post, and so on...

I watched for some of their posts so that I could receive a few handmade items as well.  I got my five people pretty quick and I am making different things for most of them. I pretty much know what they like so it should not be real hard.

I was on the hunt for some wood slats, thought I could find some in a crate, a chair or a shudder.

First place I found a bunch of old books and they were very nice old books. Some of them had been painted gold. (top right) No wood at this place. Little thrift shop in town.

Next place I got some very nice rods. I always look for them and use the rods for all kinds of things I might even use these in the family room. $4.00 A lot of wood at this place but the costs were too high for how much I needed. Got these at the Habitat Restore.

Don't need army surplus but I might go back and check out this chair. I like the cane on the sides. I didn't even notice it when I snapped the picture.

Lamps anyone. I know there has to be some wood at this thrift shop they have everything. Let me look some more.

I did find a sea shell on these shelves. I had to work really hard to find it. It was a dollar and not .50 like the signs say, but I think it will look great at the house in Florida. I also found a little brass cup holder with a rose and that was .50 I need to keep looking for the wood.

Lots of chairs, lots of slats but not quite what I am looking for. I will ask when I go up to pay for the shell and cup holder. I did find some nice architectural pieces that I could use. I love the flat scroll work to add to dressers and stuff. These were two dollars along with my other stuff for a total of $3.50.
I asked if they had any shudders and they said no,

Here is my stash from this shop, not much but then I didn't come for this stuff either. I get out side and see a bunch of windows and doors and I wander over to check them out.

Low and behold there is a really great piece that is hinged together and so that gives me two pieces in one. It has enough wood for me to be able to finish my project. Yeah!!! I go back inside and they say $5.00 I can live with that. Thrift day was a success. Now I have to wash all this flaky paint off and take this apart. I need to get these projects done so I can work on some of my own..


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not just for China Anymore

These are a few of the pieces that I have done for other people. I just love the fact that furniture can be remade into lovely pieces that can be used in any room of the house.

This piece turned out beautiful I added the floral swags to the front, top and drawer. This piece was done for a lady who did a lot of sewing and wanted it for her small folded fabrics. Her cutting matts fit perfectly in the drawer below along with her special cutting tools and her templates.

I didn't have to add anything to this piece. Of course the normal preparation took forever. I painted this for a lady who wanted to use it in her daughters bedroom. Her daughter didn't have a lot of pink in her room and the mother thought this would be a wonderful focal point of the room. Her daughter has a lot of special tiny dolls that they wanted to display. She told me that she would use the drawer to store the boxes that the dolls came in.

This piece was actually a marriage of two pieces. The top was found at a thrift shop and was bright orange but I knew it had potential. I went to an antique mall and found the dresser on the bottom. This piece turned out so pretty. The lady who got this was going to use it as an entertainment center in her bedroom. I think it would be really lovely for something like that.



Friday, January 14, 2011

Cute little Bench

I wanted something cute for the little area just inside the door. There is a little niche that this size bench would fit into just perfectly. Something the kids could sit on to put on their sandals at the beach house. I found this cute little bench and painted it white. It took me a long time to decide on a fabric for it. I found some coffee sacks on Etsy and ordered them. I think this little bench turned out really cute. We are going back to the beach for the month of February I am just gearing up as to what projects that I will finish to take with me this time.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kitchen projects...

I decided since it was so cold out yesterday that I needed to complete some of my projects. I looked at my lists and nothing seemed to jump out at me.


I started cleaning in the kitchen and decided that the wallpaper just didn't need any more scrubbing, it needed a new look. I have been wanting to change things in there and brighten. I had a roll of Beadboard wallpaper and decided maybe to try that. I didn't know if I had enough. I didn't want to remove the old wallpaper and had heard as long as you prime over the old wallpaper you could paper right over it. I had the primer and the paper and I had the time.

I started by priming just the little wall that is between the two pantries to see how it looked and then  I could continue if I liked it. If not I could always pull it all off and do something different.

I always measure my wallpaper and add an inch for the top and the bottom just to make sure it fits. I  start my cutting on a square by putting the wallpaper into the corner of a table, then I measure the length, it makes my cutting so much more squared off to start with.

My first piece went up and I liked it already. I will trim the extra off after it drys because when the paper is wet it just seems to tear. At this point I went ahead and primed the rest of the walls so that they had time to dry while I was papering the first area. It went rather quickly even though I had to wet the paper in the bathtub. My basement is a mess and I know I have a wallpaper tray but finding it would take forever.

It turned out so nice, I love it. It really makes my area look so neat and clean.

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