Monday, November 21, 2011

My Art Projects for Christmas

I am working on lots of projects right now. I am concentrating right now on Christmas. I am trying to make quite a few of my totally impractical but beautiful gifts. I decided to make things this year that no one would probably buy for themselves.

This is one of the images by Shabby Scraps that is inspiring one of my projects.

This is another inspiration picture. I got it from Pinterest and I don't know who made these but they are just beautiful. I guess I want to make something that would be a cross of all of the images that I have collected.

I want to make one of these for Alison, she loves tiaras and sure deserves to wear one in my opinion. Special kids put up with so much in their lives and I never hear her complain. She truly is Royalty in my eyes. I saw a crown in a shop window in Florida that even had a scepter. I went to the shop like 3 times, it was closed and had a number on the window, but it was disconnected.

I collected some bottles I don't know which ones I will use but some of these would work great.

I have my solder, flux, copper wire and my soldering gun.

Here are some of my supplies to start my crown for Alison, I think it will turn out great.

Here are just some of my supplies to do my magic. I will take pictures and let you see the afters. 
I cleaned all of the bottles and collected some of my bling. I am going to work on them in between packing to go to Ohio. 

This should be great fun, I am looking forward to the new experience. 


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marble in the Laundry

I wanted to do something this week to give myself a clean surface to fold clothes. I have been pondering what to do and didn't want to spend a whole lot of money yet for a counter top in the laundry room. I have not really decided what I really want. I have the fiber board cut to fit.

I used a primer after I sanded the fiber board to get most of the bumps off.

It actually looked really good after I primed it and the surface looks so much different. I decided to do a faux white marble since I am going to be adding the subway tile in white on the wall. 
I don't know how to do faux marble so I looked up a link on you tube that showed me how to do it. 

Lots of bumps I think I need to sand again and of course I will have to seal this with Polycrylic it does not yellow and is water based, so easy to clean up.

I plastered the edges to get rid of the fiber board look, I will have to sand it a few more times. I would like a really smooth edge so it looks like real marble. It is so nice to fold cloths now.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Man Cave Project 4 WEEKS gone from my life.

I have never done any kind of construction on a large scale. I guess you could call me the sub contractor for this little project. I talked to all the men who worked on this project several times a week. First we had the site work done.

Next came the crew to set the posts, so much for clean flat rock.

Next came the framing. It was very entertaining to watch and we had great weather.

The picture above is the view from my kitchen window. Wow so much for trees and bunnies.

All the sides are up now we only have several days to put in all of the pipes that run under the floor and build a retaining wall. Did you say "WE"?

 Here is the retaining wall that we built in 12 hours. It turned out great.

Here are the trenches for the pipes, we were out here until eight at night and it got very dark in this garage with no lighting. I can't believe all of the mud that we are dealing with.

This is the crew who came to get the frames ready to pore the concrete. We always have to wait for these guys. I fired one roofer that was referred to us (never called us, never came by, never left a message) and hired another one that came the next day.

Yes we have floors, I won't bore you with all the trouble we had, but it was not fun. Between rain, people not coming when they say they will, rain, and more rain, it was quite the project. The garage doors are still not in and who knows when. Can't wait for the final inspection, who knows when. 

Here is a picture between the house and the new man cave. I already have plans below as to what I want to do for this area. I wonder if we could build it in 12 hours. 

Only the decking would go all the way over to the house.


2 Vintage Portrait Dresses From 1 Vintage Gown

I have been keeping very busy, but have neglected my blog for quite some time.  I was asked by a friend to make some Portrait dresses. Here is a post about how I made two dresses from one dress.

This is the original child's gown below that I started with, it was really cute and had a satin slip under it that was huge. I decided to take another slip and build a little dress on top of it.

Here is the pattern that I was making for the bodice. This is the little slip from the back where I have just put on the panel that matches the bodice. The mom wanted something vintage, not real matchy but that would go together for her two little girls.  I took one Vintage Child's gown with a slip and made it into two little dresses.

This is the bodice all pinned on. I took a ruffle off of the vintage gown to make the bodice and ruffle around the second dress.

I took the slip from the gown  and made it into the skirt of the second dress. Here is the ruffle that I pinned along the bottom.

The slip had a small lace trim, I put the ruffle just above the trim so that the lace could peak out at the hem.

This is the second dress with the bodice finished and the skirt put on. The slip that I made the skirt out of was a satin material. I loved all of the original gathers so I just sewed them onto the slip just like they were.

Here is the little dress that I built on top of the little slip. I think it turned out really cute.

 Here is the little one that I started with it is shorter of course since I removed a large ruffle off of the bottom. They only need a few alterations and they will fit perfectly. I will update this post when I get some of the pictures from the photo shoot.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Drawers for Sewing table

Years ago my husband brought home a dry sink (free) that we made into a cabinet for our bathroom sink. It worked out beautiful. He had to cut off some cute little drawers to be able to put the sink in.  I loved the little drawers and so did my husband. He has used them in his workshop for years.

Knobs were missing and he was real inventive with being able to open and close the drawers.

I had always hoped that I could use it in some way. The other day he told me if I wanted it I could have it because he was going to throw it away. 

I told him that I thought I could probably use it in some way. I got busy and sanded it and took off the screw handles and primed it. 

I started to think this is just about the same width as my sewing table. I measured and they were the exact same width. I use a little pink desk that has two little trinket boxes attached to the top. The tag was from a sale that I went to, it did not sell and I was really glad. I love this little desk and it is perfect for my sewing machine.

I decided that since this is in my guest room I needed to dress up the drawers a bit. My guest room is rather romantic and that is where I do my sewing.

I got some flowers that I had and glued them on the drawers. The two outside drawers being the same and the two middle drawers being the same.

I glued all of them on and then went hunting for some knobs. I want something kind of klunky and funky.

I found these in my bag of knobs ugly right? I primed them and drilled the holes through the drawers.

Then I primed the drawers with the flowers all glued on. They look so much better already.

Sorry for the yellow light it is night time now and very hard to take pictures.

It is still just primed but I took it in to see how it would fit. I fits pretty good and it is high enough that when I am sewing I can reach the drawers they are kind of up above the back of the machine.

I think they turned out really cute. I even like the knobs, now I need to find the paint color for the desk, or maybe I should just repaint both of them.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

""Wow the ground is Ssshakkking"

Well as many of you know we had an earthquake yesterday. Our poor little city suffered severe damage. Most of our little City is very old and very historical, pre-civil war. Numerous buildings were condemned. I feel bad for the owners and shop keepers. We did have some damage to our home and it is not what we needed right now. I guess the Allstate man will let us know what has to be done. I am praying for those who suffered a loss, this was not catastrophic to this area, but any damage is a concern to those who own it. 

Remember the Thrift Find Butterflies?

Remember these butterflies, I always find a way to use my thrift stuff.  

I decided to make a gift for a friend, I wanted something simple and unique.

I took one of my plastic frames, you know the ones that you always pass up at yard sales. I love the detail and they are so cute.

I primed it and then spray painted it a creme color. They always look so pretty when they are done.

Then I took the slats that I have a ton of and I sanded them really good. Then I coated them with several coats of Poly.

Next I measured the back of my frame, then I realized that I had the backing and it would come in very handy. Notice the channel on each side of the frame, more about that later.

I cut my slats to fit the opening and actually cut some smaller for a kind of pieced together look

This is the cardboard backing and it even had a hanger.  I glued the slats that I cut straight to the cardboard backing, then I stuck it in the frame so the glue could dry in place and it would fit perfectly.

I did have to add glue around the cardboard backing to hold it in place and you cannot even tell the glue is there. These plastic frames always have kind of a channel that the picture sits down into. The hot glue just fell into that channel, so when I put the cardboard backing with the slats back in, it just held it really nice.
This is how it looked after the glue dried.

I painted the butterflies the same color as my kitchen table top and then sanded them slightly so the detail would come out nicely.
I hot glued the butterfly to the slats and it was done.

I like how it turned out and it was fun making it. Great gift for a very minimal cost.