Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time to Trim the Mantel

I wanted to do something different this year, something soft and yet out of the ordinary. I love Mercury glass. I have collected it and been given a lot as gifts. I even take color off of cheap ornaments to make them silver. I was happy when we lived in Germany because their Christmas colors were silver and pink. I never realized until we lived there that other countries have different Christmas colors.

So here is the mantel this year, some things are old and some are new, a little beachy and lots of mercury glass, feathers and tarnished silver. I love the look. I am not a fan of red and green, so I don't have to tell you what I think about my brick. I guess that will be another project.

I decided to add this paper wreath like I made for everyone last year. What do you think, should I keep it there?

The Lettered Cottage


  1. I love your new look - great mercury glass pieces.

    And, I like the photo of the wreath in the close up. If it looks that good from a distance, I would leave it right there. I love layering!

  2. so pretty!!! it sparkles and is so festive!

  3. Nice job. I'm a fan of mercury glass as well. I like the way you mixed new and vintage. You have the safest display I've seen -- no candle fires! Using the ornaments atop the candletick holders is a great look.

    Yes, I like the paper wreath very much. If you are a bit bored, you could change out that center medallion. Maybe an ornament there?

    Almost forgot -- that big white bas-relief square is Excellent. Adds lots of impact.


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