Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thrift finds of the week

Went thrift shopping to try and finish up some of my gifts. Every year I buy myself stuff and wrap it up from Alison. It is funny because on Christmas morning I thank her for all of the gifts that she got me and she is so happy that she made my day.

Here is one of the items that Alison will give to me. It is so cute, a $1.00 pin cushion that looks like a crown. The thimble attatches to the top and the base of the crown has a little ring that you pull out a measuring tape. Too cute.

The .50 cent poodle bottle topper, we have someone in the family who loves old poodle stuff. I love these little metal boxes and this one will be wrapped to me from Alison, it was $1.00.

 Pink pyrex with a top, $1.00 this is going to someone in the family who likes this kind of thing.

I found this nativity set for a dollar. It is so cute I am thinking under a small glass dome or something. I got the gold ribbon of lights for .99 cents.

Ugly plastic plaques for $1.99. I knew I could improve these and they will look great in my guest room. Another gift for Alison to wrap. Hee Hee

The doily was .50 the frame was 1.50 the little brass bird .25 the set of gold glitter snow flakes were .50 the tray was .50 and the little porcelain box was .50

The bandage jar was 2.00 and we have lots of bandages.

I think this is a really ugly dress form, but when I get done with it, it will be adorable. It is about 2 ft tall and cost me $4.00. I know I am crazy but wait until you see the after of this. See the missing area where there should be a curly wire????  I am going to hang a crystal there.

All in all I had a very good thrifting morning. We had a good time and only went to a few places. I love days like this. 



  1. Nice stuff! Nice stuff is hard to find here; it's mostly junk.

  2. I'd have been fighting you for that pin cushion!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Oh my word! I am jealous. What great finds!

  4. All gorgeous finds. I love the pin cushions adn that bandages jar!!

  5. Those plastic plaques are fabulous. They would look great in my house, painted in a high gloss white for a modern-elegant twist. Great find. I'm going to keep my eyes open for something similar.

  6. You made some wonderful finds! I really love the pincushions and plaques. The plastic would look lovely if painted, I'm sure.

  7. Your finds are terrific. I especially like the pin cushion, tin, pyrex and the bandages jar. :)


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