Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Talents of my Daughters

My daughters are very creative souls. All of them have talents that they don't even realize, but they all reach out and grab me. They have all developed into wonderful women and express their talents in many ways.  Here is a selection of each of their artistic talents.

 This little guy was made by Morgen my oldest daughter. Isn't he adorable.

This was made by Alison, I scanned this last year and she gave them as gifts to family members.

This was made by Holly my youngest daughter I love the fabrics that she chose and the cute vintage buttons and charm that this has.  It is so sweet.  You girls thrill me in ways that you never even realize. Just pictures of what you create brings joy to my heart. I love all of you.  mom


  1. What adorable creations! That snowman has a special personality......the drawing is very dramatic, and the wreath is fantastic! I have so many bits, buttons, and yoyos that I'm inspired to make a similar project. Tell your girls their talents are appreciated by a wider audience than just family.....

  2. You must be proud :) I love all of these creations; they're beautiful!


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