Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Small Town Tree

I live in a very small town in Virginia.  I told my husband one day about as a child my dad used to take us after dark to a lot with strung lights to buy a tree.  Usually there was snow because we lived in Michigan and there was always a barrel of wood burning to warm yourself. I love the smell of the trees the crisp cold weather and the lights strung. We would run around coaxing my dad to look at this one and that one.
     My husband said lets go and get a tree tonight and we went out after dark. The first place we went to was actually closed. I convinced him to go on and try and find another location that was selling trees. We found a cute vegetable stand that had trees out front. They had the lights strung up and it was very cold outside.

We picked out a really nice tree. Wow this really brought back some memories and I actually really enjoyed this. I am usually kind of a scrooge during this season but I am embracing it this year for some reason. I want joy to come on my own terms and not feel forced.

After we picked out our tree and took lots of pictures of all of the beautiful plants inside, my husband suggested going up to the main street in Old Town and doing some window shopping. It was a Monday so all of the stores were closed. I  mentioned to my husband when we got on the main street, everything is closed why would we want to even get out. I like shopping when I can buy things.

I got out and decided to make the most of it in the freezing cold. I had my camera so I could take some shots of the pretty stuff in the windows all along the street. This is a gift store in Culpeper that I love to go to. Notice the lovely old ceilings.

This is a newer shop but I love her stuff and it reminds me of my shop that I had for years.

Everything in this window sparkled, it was really pretty.  I was really happy that we did this it brought back memories of doing this as a family when I was just a little girl. Everyone did elaborate window displays during the holidays. Lots of moving toys, really beautiful gifts and lights. Then we ended the evening with a cup of hot chocolate in a deli on main street. They had an oven with wood burning and other than a few yuppies I really enjoyed the time with Alison sipping our hot chocolate.
When we got home I told my husband that I had a really good time and that the evening was really special to me. He had brought back some of the Christmas cheer that I knew so long ago.




  1. What a remarkable day! I am so happy for you...what a delighful way to start the season.


  2. Glad you liked my village...the little skaters always make me want to go skating too! :0)
    I love all your pics of the pretty Christmas stuff in all the windows! Oh so pretty! :)
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. :)

  3. Sounds like a beautiful day! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments! I've enjoyed my visit to yours, too...I am a new follower!


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