Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Say it on the Wall Craft

I just love words on the wall. I think it is a way to express yourself. I do more of a less permanent wall expression, so that I can change them out with my mood or season. I made a bunch of these for gifts and I just love having them around my house as well.

First you have to decide on a frame and that is not hard at all for me. I pick anything from plastic, plaster,  metal or wood. They all turn out great. The top left Bonjour frame is wood the Paris is plastic, The Believe is plaster and the Love is metal. You have all seen these types of frames in thrift shops I am sure.  Even better the ones without glass you can get really cheap. 

These frames above are the before look. Very tacky plastic with the cardboard pictures still in them. I didn't pay over a dollar for any of them, usually half that.  Next you have to paint them white, and I usually rub off some of the paint. I just put the paint on and then rub it with a paper towel while it is wet to take some off. You can use craft paint, primer, ceiling paint or what ever you have around.

You are going to need just plain foam core, you can get large sheets at any craft store.  Scissors to cut your fabric. Mod Podge my favorite thing in the whole world. I use matte not glossy.
Next you need to pick your fabric, you can do this on any fabric just about, I chose white linen I wanted them to look a little more fancy than the burlap. Burlap works well to and you can get it in lots of colors. 

You don't have to choose words I have made plaques and these cloth frames with pictures as well. I choose most of my graphics from The Graphics Fairy 
She has wonderful graphics to choose from I love the perfume bottles and furniture.

I print my graphics out on the printer onto iron on sheets. You can read the directions. A hot iron works well. Cut your foam core to fit the frame and make your fabric just a little bigger so that you can fold it around the edges. You want to iron on the image to your fabric. Once the image is ironed onto the fabric you will glue the fabric to the foam core with the mod podge.  Do not try to glue the fabric and then iron on the image,  foam core melts.

If I want just words I sometimes use the sticky letters. Put your finished foam core piece that has the graphics on it into the frame. I use some of mine in the kitchen and to protect them I sometimes put a coating of mod podge over the top of my graphics just to protect it. I then choose some sort of decoration to add a little bling.  These are organza flowers that I made and sewed a bead in the middle.

My daughter always steals this one for in her bedroom. I think I will let her keep it she has chosen well.

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  1. Oh my....I LOVE this craft. I think it is perfection. We MUST become friends {so when I steal your idea...you won't get TOO mad. :) }

    Love it and tweeted it. :)


  2. i love this! i have been wanting to try! thanks for sharing!

  3. OMGoodness, I LOVE this. I MUST do this .. whatta great idea, thanks ~ Deanna

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea...such a great idea and it would make a perfect gift!! I won't be passing on those ugly frames at the thrift store anymore!!!


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