Friday, December 10, 2010

Really good Thrift day For the House at the Beach

A while back I bought a bunch of stuff on a really good thrift day. It is really special when everywhere you go you find things that just seem to be what you are looking for.  I always say, "that is totally me, I have to have it".  My husband would disagree,  he hates my buying habits.  I think that I have done really well lately in picking it up and carrying it around and then putting it down, leaving it behind.  I have been trying to talk myself out of things but sometimes I just can't. Here are the items that I bought that day.

We were getting ready to go to Florida and I wanted to finish these to take down. I loved the little wicker corner shelf for $4.00 and knew it would look great painted.  I figured the planter for $3.00 could stay like it was and I could use it for towels.  I knew all of these had potential for the house at the beach.  What a great excuse to shop.
     Wow look at the top on that table pretty bad. I have a pair of them for $10.00 and they kind of match a coffee table that I re-did.

Here is the stuff that was in the bags and the boxes.  We are doing an all white kitchen theme for our dishes. It is just clean and can all be picked up over time. We have already found some great pieces. We own the house with our daughter Morgen and my son-in law Jamie so she is having fun shopping for stuff as well. We send pictures back and forth when we find something.

Isn't that little stained glass shade sweet, I have the perfect little lamp for that in Florida. The bowls and pitcher were wonderful finds and I paid less that $10 for all of it.

Love this dough bowl,

It is amazing all of the stuff you can find in white. Had to have the tray for lemonade on the patio.

Here are the glasses we found.  Set of 8 med. and 8 large $1.00 each.

Well here are the tables all finished. I sanded these really good and then had to wipe them down. I primed them and painted them. They turned out beautiful.

Didn't this turn out cute. I love romantic and curly furniture and this will go in my bedroom at the beach. I figure some pretty white seashells will look great on it.  Or little antique sea shell boxes, I have a few already.

I painted this little shelf as well, I don't know where I will use it yet but I thought it was cute. All in all I think that thrift shopping day really paid off. It is hard to try and start from scratch with a home or a cottage. It is really special when you find wonderful thrift buys on a budget.



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments about my pillows. Love your blog!

    You found some awesome finds! I never seem to be that lucky!

  2. It alwasy seems when you have good hauls that there is a theme involved. Love that planter box and those end tables were a steal!

  3. Total envy! I wish we have thrift shop / yard sale here. Looking at all the great find in blogland make me want it even more! :)

    Love the end tables!

  4. Once again, you found such great things. I never find a dang thing!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love your thrifty finds. The fiesta ware pitcher is great.
    Having a little blog giveaway for a $20 Home Depot card if you're interested.


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