Thursday, December 2, 2010

Laundry Room Phase 2

Well I decided to go for it and paint the ceiling as well. Boy am I glad I did. I thought it didn't need it until I started to cut in around the edges. I am using a pale grey paint, I never use ceiling paint. The other paints just look so good and come in so many beautiful colors that I decided a long time ago, there is nothing special about ceiling paint.

 I thought this ceiling was white, yuck! It looks like dirty yellow. I cut in all the way around the room and put up this plastic with sticky tape on one edge to cover my new freezer.

See the cupboards on the wall and the cupboards on the right, I had to take all of those out as well. I am going to move the freezer over to the right hand side of the room, between the door and the window.

I found a gallon of oops paint for $2.00 and it is called Sea Gull Wing, it is a real pretty blue as you can see. I am done with the ceiling and I really like how it looks with this blue. I wanted a more grey color but I am letting this blue stay, it will be a nice color with my white trim.

I can't believe that I am painting when I need to remove these cupboards. Sometimes I just can't wait, I need to remove this wall cupboard too. I hope they didn't nail that one up as well. Oh yes they did, and I am having to patch some large holes from taking it down.  Don't you just love that ceiling light?

Finally got this cupboard down and patched the holes in the wall.  I taped the ceiling and now need to go around the room and finish up the blue walls.  I just love that this project has gone from buying a washer and dryer to a complete room re-do.  Oh well, it really did needed to be done and that is what I love to do.

I am moving out all of the stuff in here today. I am not real happy to take it all the way down in the basement but that is the only place that I have where it can be stored until I am done with the room.

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  1. That blue is gorgeous, I can't believe it was oops paint! I never have luck when I browse our local selection.


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