Monday, December 6, 2010

Lattice design Bed and Dresser on a Budget

 I have always loved taking something ugly, broken, thrown to the side type of furniture and turned it into something that is adorable. I used to have men come into my studio and comment on covering up the beautiful wood.  Little did they know what it looked like before.  I would say, "It lived it's wood life now it is going to live it's painted life".  Most men didn't like that comment but the women loved it. I really believe in Do It Yourself projects it is fun and satisfying. I am not the only one.

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   I had a friend who called me and said that she needed a bed and a dresser ASAP and could not spend very much on them, could I find something sweet for her guest room.  I had a french provincial dresser that looked like it had been through a world war, I got it for $20. Sorry but I don't have a before of that one,  and a headboard that I got for $5.00 that I thought I could match up to make a set for her.

When I purchased this headboard, my friend tried to talk me out of it.  It was very wobbly, and would need a lot of Gorilla Glue.  The caning was in good shape and I knew that I was going to use spray paint, because brushing cane takes forever.  I had to work on this one to make it sturdy but I knew it would be a nice head board when it was done. I glued it up and clamped it good,  I then went to the store and bought them out in the Krylon white paint. I usually buy 10 cans at a time, I don't want to run out of the same color and I can always use what is left over on one of my other projects.

I painted the inside of the cane with some oops paint that I had in a pale green. I then taped with my blue painters tape and glued a pretty little rose swag in the center section.  I sprayed a very light coat of my white Krylon.  After that dried I sprayed again, and again with  the white over the whole front, top, sides and back. Yes, I even sprayed the back, with the caning you have to spray both sides for an even look.  I could not wait to see what this piece looked like. I was so happy when I took off the blue painters tape. It turned out so nice.  I of course distressed it, I think that makes painted furniture look so homey.

I decided to do the same thing with the dresser to make it match. I painted the drawers the pale green and the front, sides and top I sprayed with my trusty Krylon. I always spray the knobs as well and sand them a little for the metal to show through.  It turned out beautiful. It didn't take me that long, except for the glue to dry and the prep time of cleaning and sanding.

My friend was really happy with how her set turned out. The colors I had chosen worked perfectly with her color scheme.  My collection of knobs came in very handy on this piece. I am entering this redo in the DIY Project Party.



  1. those are both beautiful! i especially love the headboard- what a bargain! thanks for joining my party.

  2. Love them both. What color green is the spray paint? It is so pretty and soft and looks great with the white.

  3. Wow!! I love them...the dresser especially! Great work!

  4. I'll bet your friend is in love!!! Beautiful!!!

  5. I have a dresser and nightstand that style in my daughter's room. Your dresser looks so good painted, makes me want to paint hers too

  6. Oh my....I ADORE this! I saw a headboard just like this the other day at a Re-Store. I am patiently waiting for the end of the month because it will be even more cheap then! I also love the dresser. I saw one like this about 6 months ago for $50. If only I had work space. Argh! I would have bought it in a heart beat!

    Love it all...


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  8. oh wow, lovely dresser! The curves! I love how you did the paint, subtle and beautiful.

  9. WOW - so pretty. You made that lattice headboard look super chic. I see those all the time and never have thought about how they would look in another color. Perfect. Thanks for some inspiration! I am a new follower.
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